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    Neyret Group high speed assembly solutions

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    September 30th 2020

    The Neyret Group is a world-leading assembly machine manufacturer that possesses unique expertise in complex industrial automation processes, producing specialist automated assembly, control and printing solutions.

    The group is world renowned for its innovative assembly machine design and manufacturing excellence, based on more than three decades of accumulated experience and technological advances and its core brand values of high precision, assured reliability and leading-edge efficiency.

    Indexed and continuous motion assembly solutions

    As a specialist in industrial machine automation, Neyret group designs and produces a highly diverse range of assembly platforms, from semi-automatic pilot assembly machines to high-speed continuous motion systems.

    From its original founding in 1986, the Neyret Group has grown to encompass  200 employees at LAGNIEL producing high speed continuous motion assembly systems near Caen in Normandy, and Société Guy Neyret (SGN) producing indexed industrial automation machines at Chaponost, near Lyon.

    Neyret’s guiding design philosophy is that the end-product defines process and therefore the ideal machine solution.

    Indexed motion Neyret assembly machines, using an almost infinitely variable range of cam or servo driven manipulators and testing processes around a rotating turntable, are particularly applicable to high precision processes that need to be varied between batches.

    Société Guy Neyret indexed rotary assembly automation machines can be adapted to any sector or industry, and configured according to individual clients needs and requirements.

    High-Speed machines

    LAGNIEL’s high speed assembly machines, using continuous motion and kinematic techniques, allow longer individual process times while maintaining high rate production, high precision and repeatability, particularly valuable attributes for medical devices and healthcare delivery systems.

    This fully mechanical technology, enhanced with computer control, is particularly applicable to disposable consumer products and medical consumables, such as auto-injectors or safety syringes, as well as other high-volume products, including closures, irrigation droppers, etc.

    These high-speed automatic assembly machines can perform multiple tasks simultaneously on continuously introduced components while retaining overall control over the whole process at all times.

    Continuous motion automation assembly output can reach 1200 parts per minute and can include a huge range of process operations such as crimping, clipping, labelling, siliconizing and even ultrasonic welding, along with a wide spectrum of checking tests and vision inspections.

    Further advantages are inherently smaller size and footprint for any given output, suiting clean room operations, and limited number of different moving parts reducing maintenance and spares demands.




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