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    Neyret Group delivers a new line of insulin injection pens

    news-releasesNeyret Group
    May 13th 2021

    With its experience in the assembly of medical devices, Neyret Group has produced a new assembly line for pen injectors. There are 3 machines in cascade and a palletizer, all in 63 stations. Each machine is connected to the previous one by a dynamic buffer to absorb the small stops of one or the other (FIFO). The line assembles 11 components at high speed including quality checks with multiple sensors and control cameras to guarantee quality at almost every process steps.

    The 3 machines combine mechanical cam manipulators that have made Neyret’s reputation for precision, robustness and performance as well as electric cam manipulators, the « neyret e-manip» that was introduced in the motions range since 2015 for increased flexibility and interpolation of rotary and linear motions.

    Among the very special technological processes, it has been developed a hot foil printing system with hidden time ribbon changeover, a neyret high viscosity silicone valve to lubricate the inner injector body thread, a continuous torque measurement during unscrewing/screwing of 100% of the assembled pens, etc …

    About Neyret Group

    French-based Neyret Group designs and manufactures customized automatic assembly and test machines for the medical and life sciences industries.

    The company produces indexed motion and continuous motion assembly, test and print machines that are fully customized to customer’s ideal requirements.

    Neyret employs more than 230 people at two production sites; Société Guy Neyret producing indexed machines in Chaponost, near Lyon, and Lagniel, producing continuous motion machines in Douvres-la-Délivrande near Caen, Normandy.

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    Neyret Group delivers a new line of insulin injection pens

    Injector pen line = A line of 3 machines in cascade at 95% efficiency

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