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    Neyret Group automated assembly of medical devices

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    August 5th 2021

    Neyret Group automated assembly solutions are highly applicable to medical device assembly and manufacturing.

    Depending on the device, these solutions may involve rotary or linear indexed motion assembly machines  produced by Societe Guy Neyret (SGN) or Lagniel’s continuous motion automatic assembly machines capable of high speed manufacture of products in large quantities, both applying the complex science of cam motion and very precise engineering required in medical equipment assembly.

    Medical assembly concepts and challenges

    The automated assembly of medical devices and equipment involves particular challenges of assured quality and sterile processes.

    Neyret Group is renowned worldwide for its leadership in advanced automation assembly technologies that can be applied to highly complex medical assembly machine operations, operating in clean room conditions.

    SGN and Lagniel solutions are based on high precision, high reliability, mechanical, cam-driven  systems, enhanced by computer control and robotic handling, that are entirely designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled ‘in-house’, giving Neyret Group ownership of every aspect of value and quality. This value chain includes the installation, set-up, validation and operator training that is so important to achieving optimized outputs and quality.

    Its  assembling machines use two main concepts:

    • Indexed motion: based on a fully synchronized cam-driven rotating ring of tools or linear magnetic tracks carrying out sequenced tasks and checks on a single stationary assembly. SGN indexed motion automated assembly machines can adapt to any type of medical device assembly, and a very wide range of ‘plug in’ pre-validated tools and processes, with individual tool and checking stations able to be fitted to the ring at will.
    • Continuous motion: A more specialized medical assembly solution optimized for high speed volume production of simpler assemblies, in which the assembly and the various components are kept in constant motion, using precise tooling and complex kinematics to ensure all processes are kept synchronized. Lagniel continuous motion machines never lose control, being capable of simultaneously performing multiple tasks, such as screwing, gluing, ultrasonic welding, and lubrication on components fed continuously into the assembly process. This type of technology is particularly suited to production of:
    • Disposable medical products (liquid pumps, actuators, aerosol valves, trigger sprayer, pens, etc).
    • Medical consumables (safety syringes, lancets, IV sets, auto-injectors, etc.),
    • High-volume products (caps, closures, irrigation droppers, etc.).


    Neyret Group’s concluded a contract agreement with an industrial printing specialist to develop a printing platform for medical device in clean room environment. Indeed the method currently used such as pad Printing or Serigraphy create heavy constraint in term of operation especially in a clean environment. As such SGN has developed a platform based on magnetic track with Digital on Demand high resolution printing technology, providing high flexibility in term of movement, speed and printing patterns. No more pad, cliché, solvent and ink mixing.  In addition the inks used are CMR free and thus compliant with the new regulation.


    Neyret Group’s assembly platforms can be enhanced with a range of robotic solutions for various applications.

    • Integrated into assembly
    • Independent automatic or semi-automatic cells
    • Transfer of items to sub-assemblies
    • Tracking for random ‘Pick and Place’ component assembly.

    SGN has also developed E-manip™ and Polar Robot™ for greater movement ranges in ‘Pick and Place’ manipulations.

    Checks and tests

    Neyret Group indexed and continuous motion assembly platforms can incorporate a very wide range of testing and checking steps, including air tightness, pressure, size, stacking, scans, X-ray, vision, strength, torque and flow.

    Neyret Group was an early pioneer in industrial vision checking in high-speed assembly that can ensure total checking of all items and assembly procedures for zero defects, particularly for products which are classified as human-safety items, such as medical devices, where redundancy checks are mandatory.

    Neyret Group’s extensive experience in vision checking and component handling allows it to meet all vision checking demands – even in pre-project phase. Such checks can include functional size measurements, missing material or deformation, presence of grease, oil, labelling, compliance against reference standards, character recognition and sorting components.


    Click on Societe Guy Neyret indexed motion assembly systems  for detailed information.
    Click on Lagniel continuous motion machine assembly  for detailed information.



    Neyret Group automated assembly of medical devices

    A Neyret Group automated assembly system can be constructed for almost any type of medical device production.

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