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    Neyret Custom Assembly Solutions

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    April 20th 2022

    Neyret Group’s special purpose machines may cover a number of different categories, including pilot assembly and fully automated custom assembly machines.

    These are classified as special assembly machines in that each one is uniquely customized according to the application and sector for which it is intended, including pharmaceutical products and medical device assembly.

    Neyret Customized Machines Overview

    The determining factor for the creation of this type of machine is a client’s need for innovative and effective solution.

    Neyret Group’s custom assembly machinery and systems are developed entirely according to the client’s technical specifications, with the objective being technical and economical optimization. Neyret group designs and manufactures pilot (experimental), semi-automatic, flexible and fully automatic assembly machines. In addition, neyret group builds specific printing, labelling, test / control and welding machines.

    Pilot machines

    Pilot machines are intended for experimental assembly that anticipate and thereby qualify the conditions for the main production run. These are, essentially, assembly test machines that often work semi-automatically or at deliberately slowed rates of production.

    Semi-automatic assembly machines

    Semi-automatic machines are used when production volumes and number of variants prevent the use of fully automatic assembly machines.

    Again, these machines can be adapted to suit changing client needs and product evolution. Semi-automated machines may be scalable in order to integrate new versions of the product.

    Flexible Assembly Machines

    As their name suggests, Neyret Group’s flexible assembly and custom machinery are designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability in automated assembly.

    As a specialist machine designer, Neyret Group can integrate any brand and type of robot (e.g. Cartesian, Scara, Delta or Polymorph) into a customized assembly systems.

    Flexible assembly solutions are typically required for:

    • Parts difficult to feed and handle, like nested, shingled or fragile parts.
    • Adaptable series size from medium to high volume
    • Multi-component and multi-reference assemblies.

    Fully Automated Assembly Machines

    Neyret group manufactures fully automated index assembly machines (producing up to 14K parts per hour) as well as continuous motion assembling machines (attaining 60K parts per hour). The fact, that all parts are inspected and controlled inline, ensures the compliance with your requirements of all assemblies in the end of the line.


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    Neyret Custom Assembly Solutions

    Semi-automatic assembly machines for components or processes that demand individual assembly or for processes being piloted or proved at low volume.

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