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    Neyret Assembly and Test Machine Process

    products-servicesNeyret Group
    October 18th 2019

    As part of its mission to develop fully customized “turnkey” assembly solutions for clients around the world for many different areas of application, the Neyret Group has developed a comprehensive menu of ‘off the shelf’’ processes for its indexed motion and continuous motion systems.

    These allow a very wide variety of pre-defined and validated specialized processes and quality tests to be ‘plugged in’ to Neyret systems to adapt them to specific processes.

    Assembly Machines

    These various processes can be applied to both types of assembly machines produced by Neyret Group: indexed motion and continuous motion.

    • Indexed Motion machines from Société Guy Neyret use cam-driven mechanisms and are based on a rotating table that can accommodate up to 36 manipulation/process stations and more than 120 types of specific manipulators. These work from the inside to the outside of the machine, providing more open accessibility for operators and maintenance. Ergonomics are further enhanced by the distinctive housing opening system that provides 360° access. Satellite platforms are also designed for easy access.
    • Continuous motion machines from LAGNIEL SAS are based on high speed continuous kinematics, for maximum volume and quality with dials housing between 6 and 42 pins. Used in conjunction with other satellite or vision stations, continuous motion systems can provide complex assembly and checking processes at extremely high speed for quality-critical products such as spray nozzles, aerosol valves, vaporizers, dispenser pens, syringes, IV sets, blood auto-injectors, etc.

    The Neyret ‘library’ contains the following pre-developed process steps for specific applications of its various assembly and cam-driven assembly machines as well as for accompanying checks:

    • Ultrasonic, laser, thermic welding
    • Cutting
    • Clinching
    • Riveting
    • Screwing
    • Heading
    • Stamping
    • Crimping
    • Clipping
    • Dosing
    • Greasing
    • Gluing
    • Silicon application
    • UV treatment
    • Plasma treatment
    • Corona treatment
    • Needle, glass, tube handling
    • Data capture, force, magnetization
    • Traceability
    • Laser, inkjet, pad, hot printing
    • Labelling
    • Functional, quality, tightness, flow, torque, traction tests.

    Neyret has also compiled a comprehensive library of the data required to govern vision checks on process quality.

    These include:

    • Dimensional checks (functional size measurement, component measurement, etc.)
    • Aspect and integrity (missing material, deformation, etc.)
    • Presence (items, grease, oil, marking, etc.)
    • Compliance (to set references, etc.)
    • Colours
    • Character recognition
    • Process discrepancies (injection, cutting, stamping, etc.)
    • Component sorting.


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    Neyret Assembly and Test Machine Process

    Neyret has developed a range of more than 120 types of specific process manipulators. One of its indexed motion machines can accommodate up to 36 manipulation or process stations for a 1,440mm rotating platform

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