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    New Gasporox VialArch™ H20 allows non-intrusive pressure testing

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    June 5th 2024

    Gasporox AB has introduced the VialArch™ H20 version of its non-destructive and non-intrusive inspection sensor of that allows accurate measurement of total pressure in enclosed containers.

    Focusing its tunable laser diode spectroscopy on water molecules, and measuring gas pressures, rather than concentrations, this latest addition to the VialArch™ range allows container closure (CCIT) and leakage testing of lyophilized vials where the headspace contains no oxygen.

    Modular VialArch CCIT solution

    Formally launched in 2021, Milan, the Gasporox VialArch™ range of easily installed in line sensor modules can provide headspace analysis (HSA) at production speeds across a wide range of pharmaceutical and parenteral packaging, including tubular, molded, plastic, and amber vials, ampoules and bottles.

    VialArch™ sensors are highly modular, robust, and ultra-compact, making them easy to integrate into existing production lines, where they can maintain non-intrusive inspection speeds of up to 600 units per minute, meeting HSA and CCIIT standards laid down in USP 1207 and EC Annex 1 guidelines.

    Adapting TDLAS

    The VialArch incorporates Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, based on the principle that every gas or water molecule absorbs light in a unique way at certain wavelengths. As the laser is tuned across a particular gas absorption line, there will be a change in intensity of the light after some distance of travel through the monitored gas. From this, concentrations of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Water vapor (H2O) can and quantified. Using the line broadening effect, it allows to measure the total pressure in a container.

    This non-destructive deterministic testing technology has the unique advantage that it can detect whether any integrity breach has taken place unlike other non-invasive methods that can only see leaks that are present at the time of testing.

    For the VialArch H2O version, the infrared laser is tuned to a 1400 nm wavelength that corresponds to water molecules. This allows to measure the total in a typical range of between 50 and 1000 millibars.


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    Specialist in Non-destructive Headspace Analysis

    New Gasporox VialArch™ H<sub>2</sub>0 allows non-intrusive pressure testing

    Gasporox VialArch module is designed for easy integration into high-speed packaging lines.

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