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    GERTEIS® MINI-POLYGRAN® lab-scale roller compactor

    products-servicesGerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
    May 27th 2020

    The smallest machine in the Gerteis roller compactor family, the MINI-POLYGRAN® provides an ideal research solution for development laboratories, designed and engineered for dry granulation development and processing of very small batches for pre-clinical and clinical pilot projects.

    A particular strength of the MINI-POLYGRAN® is exceptionally fast and easy cleaning and maintenance, enabled by unique placement and accessibility to individual parts.

    MINI-POLYGRAN® design and features  

    The MINI-POLYGRAN® design replicates the Gerteis Dry Granulation Concept of powder compaction between two counter rotating rolls, using precisely calibrated application of force to form flakes or ribbons, as well as the intuitive screen-based Human-Machine Interface (HMI) operation.

    In common with its larger brothers, MINI-POLYGRAN® uses three principle sections or sub-assemblies: the Feeding System, with the special inlet funnel and the augers that convey uncompacted particles to the Compaction Unit, where they are compacted between two counter rotating press rollers, applying precisely defined force and metered gap to produce a ribbon of crushed particles, which are further milled to desired particle size by a further roller in the Size Reduction Unit.

    Thus Gerteis pharma roller compactors are specifically designed to meet pharmaceutical dry granulation needs, with features that allow them process the whole range of powders and granules, even notoriously difficult ones.

    The compact form and castor-wheeled subframe mounting allows the MINI-POLYGRAN® to strike the ideal balance between flexible placement, ease of use and outright performance.  It can process batches a small as 20g but can also be scaled up to up to 50 kilograms per hour for small-scale production runs.

    The design retains traditional Gerteis pharma roller compaction advantages, such as minimal heat transfer to compactor rollers to protect fragile and heat sensitive substances and reduce energy consumption as well as form, materials and options that assist wash in place (WIP) or clean in place (CIP).

    The ingenious design emphasizes easy access to rollers, screens and feeding system to enable rapid interchange and switching between different batches, along with industry-leading speed and ease of maintenance.

    MINI-POLYGRAN® features & options

    MINI-POLYGRAN® incorporates a range of features that make it particularly suitable for laboratory use:

    • Small Amount Feed Funnel: For trials with small quantities.
    • HMI control screen: the Gerteis Human-Machine Interface ‘dashboard’ provides an intuitive and customizable HMI placement within the laboratory, with multilingual user interfaces available.
    • WIP: Wash-In-Place is available for additional comfort and safety.
    • Milling: Oscillating mill design reduces energy consumption.

    MINI-POLYGRAN®’s versatility and range of applications are extended by a range of optional features and attachments. These include:

    • Smooth, knurled or custom design press roller surfaces available.
    • Star rotor or pocket type granulators.

    MINI-POLYGRAN® Specifications

    Throughput max. 50 kg/h
    Press Force 1 – 15 kN/cm
    Roller speed range 1 – 10 rpm
    Gap 1 – 4mm
    Weight 500 kg



    Click on MINI-POLYGRAN® product page for specifications and details.


    Dry granulation and its application in dietary supplements manufacturing

    GERTEIS® MINI-POLYGRAN® lab-scale roller compactor

    Gerteis MINI-POLYGRAN® compact and flexible lab-scale roller compaction development solution

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