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    Mikron Automation Process Integration for Automatic Assembly and Testing

    products-servicesMikron Automation
    March 22nd 2019


    Over some 40 years, Mikron Automation has amassed world-class expertise in Process Development and Integration at high-speed – even those that are highly complex.

    Process integration – the standardization and aggregation of component sub-routines and tasks – is the essential prerequisite for fully automated assembly of complex devices.

    Mikron’s process integration library

    Mikron’s global vision is based on mastery of the entire operation from the assembly process and the integration of complex processes to the use of standardized equipment with assembly automation solutions that are guaranteed for superior performance standards.

    Over decades, Mikron has built up a comprehensive library of standardized processes, a database of assembly and automation tasks, many of them highly complex.

    Since tasks are optimised through repeated application and proven in operation, they support overall assembly solutions that are assured in quality, stability and reliability.

    The standardized process library covers a wide range of automated assembly tasks and is enriched every day with new challenging processes:

    • Feeding: Bulk feeding, flexible feeding systems and tray handling
    • Handling: Glass handling, needle handling and insertion, tube handling
    • Testing and controlling: Functionality tests, flow and leak tests, multiple torque tests, needle tip, angle, length vision check, occlusion check, pull check, quality tests, vision tests, X-ray checks
    • Dosing and curing: Gluing, greasing, liquid, micro-spotting and powder dosing, UV and thermal curing
    • Welding: Laser, ultrasonic or resistance welding
    • Marking and printing: Hot foil marking, Inkjet or laser printing, labelling, laser marking, pad printing
    • Data management: Data capture, line management, statistics, traceability
    • Forming and stamping: Clinching, forming, hard and soft material stamping, riveting
    • Other specific processes: Plasma, corona treatment, coil winding, magnetization, photovoltaic related processes, etc.


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