Mikron Automation Boudry Next Factory now on line

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February 22nd 2022

Boudry, Switzerland: – Swiss-based medical assembly process specialist Mikron Automation has confirmed that its expansion of its headquarters in Boudry in Neuchâtel Canton, featuring NextGen offices and manufacturing facilities, is now fully operational.

Mikron commenced construction of the new 7,800m2  two storey facility in June 2020 and formally inaugurated the building in November last year at a ceremony attended by senior management, governmental authorities, representatives from academic institutions, and key building specialists involved in the project.

Next Factory

The new facility more than doubles total factory size to 15,000m2 with addition of 7,800m2 production space that allows Mikron Automation to both increase its assembly capabilities and also improve material and logistical flows.

The expansion includes a new 3,900m2 hall fully dedicated to the fine-tuning and qualification of Mikron’s assembly solutions as well as a fully equipped customer campus that includes full accommodation.

Smart Office

An upper floor Smart Office regroups all engineering functions for the design of customer projects. Mikron provide a collaborative and innovative working environment for its employees, around 50% of whom are engineers, 30% technicians, 10% apprentices and 10% administrators.

Mikron Boudry General Manager Félix Arrieta commented: “This is a major step for Mikron Boudry that gives our customers and employees a motivating environment where innovation and interactive teamwork can be leveraged more effectively.”

Carbon-zero initiative

The new building is aligned to support Mikron’s carbon-zero initiative, featuring a new heating/cooling system that reduces natural gas consumption by 90% augmented by 1,400m2 of solar panels to produce green energy, 85% of which is used directly by Mikron.

About Mikron Automation

Mikron Switzerland AG Boudry is part of Mikron Automation division which is the leading partner for scalable and customized assembly systems – from the first idea to the highest performance solutions. Distinguished by a commitment to innovation, flexibility, unparalleled customer service, and an evolving platform portfolio, Mikron delivers state-of-the-industry solutions to the most complex assembly and testing demands.

With 750 employees, Mikron Automation is headquartered in Switzerland and also has sites in the USA, Singapore, China and Lithuania. It is a member of the Mikron Group, a publicly-traded company with more than 100 years’ experience in precision machinery.

To date, Mikron Automation has delivered thousands of assembly solutions for a variety of drug delivery and diagnostics devices including inhalers, pens/auto-injectors, catheters, e-devices, wearables, and point-of-care test. It also offers a constellation of high-added-value services that cover their products’ full lifecycle, wherever its customers are in the world. Mikron’s Quality Teams offer full validation support in accordance with FDA, GMP and GAMP 5 guidelines.

Further information at: https://www.mikron.com/automation-solutions/


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Mikron Automation Boudry Next Factory now on line

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