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    MEGGLE bridges DPI gap with uniform PSD InhaLac® 145 milled lactose

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    December 6th 2023

    MEGGLE’s InhaLac® 145 is a recent addition to its wide range of InhaLac® high quality crystalline lactose-based excipients specifically designed to support DPI dry powder inhaler formulations.

    Inhalac® 145 offers DPI drug formulators a highly controlled milled lactose with superior characteristics and highly uniform particle size distribution (PSD).

    Meeting DPI challenges

    Very specific carrier lactose excipient PSDs are needed to allow formulations to be tailored precisely to target application and extract optimum performance from inhaler devices.

    With its mean particle size of 35 µm, the new excipient bridges the small gap between the DPI milled lactose monohydrates InhaLac® 140 (50 μm) and InhaLac® 150 (24 μm).

    The InhaLac® 145 PSD profile (x10 = 1-6, x50= 20-50, x90 = 65-140) ensures around 10 per cent of particles below 5µm, retaining the typical flow and surface characteristics of milled lactose with irregular particle shapes.

    InhaLac® 145 benefits and quality

    These features add up to a clearly defined set of user benefits, including:

    • A broad spectrum of particle size distributions
    • High storage stability
    • Highly controlled and homogenous powder characteristics
    • Highest microbial quality including low endotoxins

    InhaLac® 145 has been developed harnessing MEGGLE’s long-established expertise in inhalative lactoses, as one of the pioneers in the DPI field. It is manufactured in at Wasserburg in Germany, using some of the most sophisticated lactose processing equipment to be found anywhere in the world.

    InhaLac® 145 is produced to the highest regulatory and quality standards and in conformance with international pharmacopeias (US-NF, Ph.Eur, JP, ChP).


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    Experts in Excipients - The whole world of Lactose

    MEGGLE bridges DPI gap with uniform PSD InhaLac® 145 milled lactose

    InhaLac® 145 scanning electron microscopic image shows strong clustering of particle size  around the 20-50 µm  range.

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