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    MEGGLE presents impact of Co-Processing on particle structures at PBP Vienna

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    March 12th 2024

    Wasserburg, Germany: – Pharmaceutical grade lactose specialist MEGGLE is going to present insights on the impact of co-processing on the structures of lactose and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) excipients on the upcoming 14th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (PBP) in Vienna.

    MEGGLE will be present at the accompanying ResearchPharm® exhibition at Booth 55 at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) displaying its wide range of lactose-based and co-processed excipients for diverse pharma applications including tableting, capsule filling, dry powder inhalation, direct compression, and continuous manufacturing.

    Powder Characterization

    MEGGLE is also taking part in the Exhibitor Short Talks program when formulation scientist Ms. Dr. Rebekka Spellerberg delivers a presentation on ‘Product Characterization Database and KPIs – Insights and Evaluation of CPEs’ during the lunchtime session on Day Two, Wednesday March 20 (13.15-13.35 hrs).

    For the main conference, MEGGLE will contribute a poster on ‘Impact of Co-Processing on the Structural Evolution of Lactose and MCC’.

    The MEGGLE team in Vienna will also include Head of R&D, Mrs. Ricarda Leister, who commented: “We are glad to be returning to the PBP meeting, which always provides us with excellent opportunities to gather new insights on innovations, express our own knowledge, and network with our peers and potential partners.”

    About MEGGLE

    Bavarian-based company MEGGLE is one of the world’s experts in co-processing and powder technology. From its roots as a dairy operation in the late 1880’s, MEGGLE has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade lactose, supplying the pharmaceutical industry with a broad-based and unique lactose product portfolio.

    MEGGLEs Business Unit Excipients has harnessed outstanding product quality and intelligent innovation to become a global leader in the manufacture of lactose-based excipients, focusing on products for direct tableting and dry powder inhalation.

    A multidisciplinary team of committed and highly qualified people allows MEGGLE clients to benefit from pioneering experience and innovative drive in industrial milk and whey processing. The company constantly strives to develop high-technological, functional products for solid dosage forms and DPI applications, where they can deliver maximum performance.

    The company has introduced several revolutionary products, notably Tablettose®, the world’s first agglomerated pharmaceutical lactose grade for direct tableting, Cellactose® 80, a pioneering co-processed excipient based on powdered cellulose and lactose for outstanding compression and flow properties and RetaLac®, the first direct compressible co-processed excipient using Hypromellose and lactose for sustained release formulations.

    To learn more, visit:

    About PBP 2024

    The Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (PBP) World Meeting has become a well-established pharma industry event, attracting scientists from all over the world. The event is biennial, with previous meetings held in Budapest, Paris, Berlin, Florence, Geneva, Barcelona, Malta, Istanbul, Lisbon, Glasgow, Granada, and most recently in Rotterdam (2022).

    The conference and the accompanying exhibition provide a cross-disciplinary platform for pharmaceutical scientists working in all fields of drug product development in industry, academia and regulation.

    The 14th World Meeting, PBP 2024, will be a four day event, opening March 18 at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV), with the co-located ResearchPharm® exhibition.

    The event is expected to attract more than 1.000 delegates with hundreds of abstracts posted.

    PBP 2024 will have parallel sessions on industry-related topics presented by distinguished invited speakers along with two further parallel tracks for oral presentations on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharma Technology.

    The event is organised by APV Mainz, with more information at:


    Click on MEGGLE at ResearchPharm 2024 to see exhibitor profile.


    Experts in Excipients - The whole world of Lactose

    MEGGLE presents impact of Co-Processing on particle structures at PBP Vienna

    14th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology.

    MEGGLE presents impact of Co-Processing on particle structures at PBP Vienna

    MEGGLE’s co-processed excipients are highly versatile and can be applied to multiple manufacturing processes.

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