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    Medelpharm will be leading presence at CSF EU 2019

    news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
    September 6th 2019

    Beynost, France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists Medelpharm S.A.S. will be a high profile presence at the European edition of the influential Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) in Bordeaux later this month.

    Medelpharm will use the event at University of Bordeaux to present its advanced tableting research technologies and innovations to an influential audience of academic and industrial formulation scientists.

    University partnerships

    Medelpharm has an especially close relationship with the event as a sponsor and poster contributions, via its research collaborations with Bordeaux and other universities. Posters at CSF Bordeaux will include findings by Cedrine de Backere, Valérie Vanhoorne and Chris Vervaet from University of Ghent, who used a STYL’One Evo compaction simulator to evaluate performance of an external lubrication system.

    The Medelpharm team at CSF EU, led by Business Development Pharmacist Bruno Leclercq will conduct hands-on demonstrations of the STYL’One Evo in collaboration with Bordeaux university.

    Benchtop revolution

    The table top Medelpharm will feature its revolutionary benchtop-sized R&D tableting press, the ultra-compact STYL’One Nano.

    Medelpharm will also host a Walking Tour of the historical quarters of Bordeaux following a Welcome cocktail reception for participants of CSF Bordeaux on the evening of Day One (September 9).

    Emerging trends

    “This European CSF event will provide us with a great platform for presenting our innovations for R&D to a scientific public and getting the latest developments from the world of pharmaceutical tableting science that are fundamental to developments of new machines, accessories and software,” said Bruno Leclercq.

    “In particular, we will be able to show our strengths in validation and securing development as well as new methods of early formulation powder characterization that are so important to pharma labs and academic research teams across Europe,” he added.

    CSF Bordeaux 2019

    Medelpharm has regularly attended the annual Compaction Simulation Forum in the United States since it was founded in 2010 by Dr. Kevin Bittorf for scientists, engineers, academics and equipment manufacturers to reflect the rise of high-speed compaction simulators and mechanical replicators in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Academia.

    CSF EU 2019 is a three-day event opening September 9 at University of Bordeaux. Keynote speakers will include Dr. Xavier Pepin, of AstraZeneca, UK, Dr. Mojtaba Ghadiri, University of Leeds, UK, Dr. Shrikant Swaminathan, of Alkermes, USA and Dr. Kristin Ploeger, of Merck USA. The event is organized by the Compaction Simulation Group under the Presidency of Dr. Kevin J. Bittorf with further information at:

    About Medelpharm

    Medelpharm is an international enterprise, located in Lyon, making available the most powerful, still easy-to-use R&D tableting presses like STYLCAM and STYL’One to every formulator and development scientist.

    You are looking for assistance in API and excipient characterization, solid dosage formulation or production trouble shooting? Please come and visit our powder characterization laboratory in Lyon.

    Medelpharm offers a comprehensive portfolio of Mechanical Compaction simulators, Multifunction R&D Tablet Presses, and Process equipment and extensive Services in tableting, granulation and coating.

    Made by people for people.
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    Click on STYL’One Channel for video presentation.
    Click on STYL’One Nano to download brochure.

    Medelpharm will be leading presence at CSF EU 2019

    Medelpharm STYL’One Nano benchtop R&D tableting instrument

    Medelpharm will be leading presence at CSF EU 2019

    STYL’One Evolution R&D servo-electrical compaction simulator

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