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MEDELPHARM brings revolutionary Quadro F10 Fine Grind to Europe

news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
April 17th 2014

New all-in-one milling solution for HPAPIs, APIs & Fine Chemical Powders Processing

Beynost, France:– Research-based powder compression and tableting specialists MEDELPHARM S.A.S. announced that it had added the revolutionary Canadian-built Quadro F10 Fine Grind all-in-one milling machine to its range of powder compaction offerings.

The Quadro F10 Fine Grind will now become available to customers in France and French-speaking territories.

The F10 Fine Grind provides a fully integrated and stand-alone solution for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and fine chemical powder processing that delivers ultra-accurate particle size control, high containment and near 100 per cent yield efficiency, making it an ideal solution for HPAPIs, APIs and fine chemical processing facilities worldwide.

Innovative technology

Based on innovative two-stage size reduction technology, the F10 consistently delivers an extremely tight particle size distribution bell curve, meeting narrow particle size distribution demands for processors. The F10 also offers best-in-class cGMP high-containment sanitary features, speed adjustment capabilities and a portable format.

The F10 Fine Grind offers significant advantages in particle size distribution milling control for d90 targets in the 20-60 μm range. The innovative-designed milling housing with dual milling chambers and independently controlled feeder enhances powder incorporation rate adjustability, resulting in very narrowly focused powder distribution curve spans, reducing out-of-spec product waste. The F10 Fine Grind system provides a wide RPM milling range to shift target particle distributions accurately up or down, particularly important when milling multiple powders with varying characteristics. Additionally, the F10 Fine Grind offers adjustable airflow control, enabling greater milling stability and product quality.

High containment

Product containment and minimization of operator exposure are becoming increasingly crucial for fine chemicals, API and HPAPI powder processors worldwide. Previously, achieving safe high containment levels has often been expensive, with additional equipment required. The F10 Fine Grind is designed to fully contain all products in the processing and receiving sections of the machine to 1 μg/m3 levels, enabling pharmaceutical processors to achieve desired containment levels with minimal additional capital investment. Further containment features include safety-interlocked purged seals, fully contained product collector, a tightly sealed milling housing, and optional wash-in-place (WIP) capabilities. The F10 is also available in an XP version, and with ATEX certification.

A further benefit of F10 Fine Grind technology is its ability to provide nearly 100 per cent yield efficiency in most production applications. This extremely high rate of product recovery greatly reduces associated costs from product waste and reporting excess losses to governing bodies.


MEDELPHARM, headquartered near Lyon in France, is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions in powder compaction simulation and tableting. MEDELPHARM machinery is capable of characterizing, developing and processing almost any compressible substance.

In addition to laboratory tablet presses, MEDELPHARM also offers a comprehensive range of powder compaction and characterization services as well as troubleshooting and production support.

The company’s global team of experts in engineering, software development, tableting technologies and formulation can offer advice on all process issues from initial research to full-scale production.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory based at University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments to provide ideal test and demonstration platforms. The company operates ongoing liaison programmes with international universities that specialize in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and food to ensure most up-to-date knowledge on latest trends and innovations.

Having built up a respected profile in supplying pharma, food and other industries, MEDELPHARM has recently widened its marketing efforts to the cosmetics and metal powder and catalyst markets.

About Quadro

Quadro Engineering Corp., located in Waterloo, Ontario engineers, manufactures and markets an innovative line of size reduction mills, mixers, emulsifiers, powder dispersion units, shear pumps, high shear wet mills, security screeners and vacuum conveyors for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic/Personal Care and Fine Chemical Industries.

The Canadian company has been a trusted partner of many of the worlds’ top pharmaceutical, chemical and food ingredient processing customers for more than three decades.

Quadro is globally known for its quality services and leading technology brands, including Quadro Comil®, and the Ytron® line of liquid mixing equipment. The company is a business unit of the IDEX Corporation of Lake Forest, Illinois.

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Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director, MEDELPHARM S.A.S.
Tel: +33 478 9762 13


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