Locking System for Insulated Packaging – Quick, Secure, Traceable

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Locking System for Insulated Packaging – Quick, Secure, Traceable

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Locking System for Insulated Packaging – Quick, Secure, Traceable

Sofrigam’s new concept, a patented locking system for insulated packaging, helps to maintain temperature inside the insulated packaging box with a tighter and more secure seal. At the same time it speeds packaging by up to 50 per cent, compared with traditional closure using straps.

Pharmaceutical labs are faced with a number of problems when shipping heat-sensitive medications and other products in passive packages at controlled temperatures. The overriding concerns are:

• Maintaining temperature-control over sensitive contents
• Ensuring physical security for valuable or hazardous consignments
• Maintaining logistics productivity
• Minimizing preparation/handling times

Now Sofrigam is able to meet all these concerns with a single innovation, the patented Sofigram Locking System for refrigerant packaging.

How it works
The Sofigram Lock is the result of two years of research and development by our engineers; an ingenious system of rotating cam locks and covers incorporated into the doors of the insulated package.

To seal the package, the operator simply inserts Sofigram Locks into the apertures at the edges of the carton lid, rotates each lock 90 degrees to clamp into place and finally presses on the latching covers.

Four locks can be fitted in around half the time it normally takes to pull on two ratcheting shipping straps and secure them tight.

Secure, tamper-proof and individually numbered, the locks ensure complete protection for the contents of the carton as well as end-to-end traceability. They also provide a tighter seal than strapping, maintaining more rigorous temperature control.

The Sofigram Locking System meets all the quality requirements and logistical constraints of pharmaceutical laboratories. It provides them with a locking solution optimised for temperature-controlled consignments. This is a solution that simultaneously speeds shipping while increasing security during transport.

For more information or to discuss the locking system for insulated packaging please contact Sofrigam directly.

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