Leanbox Refrigerated Box

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February 26th 2012

Sofrigam have developed the Leanbox refrigerated box a refrigerated box which will enable the user to pick their order rapidly and easily in preparation for its dispatch.

The Leanbox refrigerated box is designed to keep pharmaceutical products cool during the transportation process. The Leanbox refrigerated box can be reused and is effective for most of the year. Products can be kept at a temperature of +2/+8°C when the outside temperature ranges from +15°C to +25°C using the same packaging, the same number of eutectic packs and the same process.
Leanbox Refrigerated Box
With the Leanbox refrigerated box the user can pick their orders within 30 seconds. Work has gone into the design process of the Leanbox in order to make it as simple to use as possible. The Leanbox is superb for carrying small quantities of medicines in accordance with the cold chain.

The Leanbox has a high-quality temperature performance with a minimum amount of cold storage medium (1kg of eutectic gel) irrespective of outside temperatures.
Polyurethane panels are used in the assembly of the Leanbox refrigerated box. The Leanbox contains 2 eutectic packs to be installed easily on the top of the tub and plastic overwrapping.

The Leanbox refrigerated box also has the capacity to incorporate a temperature recorder for analyzing cold chain traceability.

For more information or to discuss the Leanbox refrigerated box please contact us directly.