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Kromasil showcases latest Eternity XT and chromatic tools at Philadelphia conferences

news-releasesKromasil by Akzonobel
July 27th 2015

Bohus, Sweden: AkzoNobel’s Kromasil Separation Products, a global leader in separation products for analytical and purification applications, will showcase some of its cutting edge products and technologies at two back to pack symposia in the US city of Philadelphia later this month.

Kromasil will be present at the PrepSymposium conference on July 26, staying on for ISPPP 2015, which follows in the same hotel on July 29. Kromasil is a Gold Sponsor of the ISPPP symposium

Eternity XT innovations

At both events, the Kromasil team will be presenting its portfolio of advanced separation products, including Kromasil Classic, EternityXT and Chiral, along with the new SFC family of supercritical fluid chromatography columns.

Kromasil will be an exhibitor at the PrepSymposium event (Booth 209). On Day One, the team will make a presentation on the latest EternityXT materials for purifications at elevated pH.

On the following day, a lunchtime vendor will introduce the newest EternityXT materials. Kromasil will be accepting registrations for the seminar by email or on the Booth up to 5pm on the Monday afternoon.

Chromatic Bio purification

The Kromnasil exhibition and presence will carry on through out the linked International Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides (ISPPP) event, where Kromasil is a Gold Sponsor.

“At ISPPP, we will be looking forward to showing how our chromatographic materials work for bio purifications,” said Mattias Bengtsson, Kromasil Manager for Global Marketing and Sales.

About Kromasil

The Kromasil® product line is made by the Swedish-based Separation Products group of AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, one of the world’s leading providers of specialist chemicals.

The Kromasil team has become fully back-integrated manufacturer of totally spherical silica particles for high performance chromatography.

The introduction of Kromasil silica-based packing materials has greatly improved the effectiveness of liquid chromatography with its unique combination of high pore volume and surface area, together with a very high mechanical stability that remain unmatched by any other packing media on the market.

Kromasil packings and columns have been used over the years for demanding chromatographic separations all over the world ranging from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, up to peptides and larger molecules. Popular applications include HPLC analysis of aromatics, Determination of carnitine and aminoanthracene derivatives, UHPLC separation, identification of peptides and chiral entity separations.

About PrepSymposium 2015

The 28th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography (PrepSymposium 2015) provides one of North America’s premier arenas for presentation and discussion of latest developments in the field of Preparative & Process Chromatography, Separation Science and Technology.

The 2015 symposium is a three day event opening July 26 and staged at the famous Loew’s Hotel in America’s ‘Freedom City’ of Philadelphia.

The event will give scientists and media manufacturers from around the world an opportunity to share knowledge on cutting-edge areas of preparative and process chromatography.

The program features many paper and poster presentations, along with keynote sessions addressing critical and emerging areas in preparative chromatography such as Protein Chromatography, Continuous Downstream Processing, Process Scale Purification of Peptides and Oligonucleotides and Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography.

There is also an exhibition, along with workshop program providing advanced tutorials covering various aspects of process chromatography.

More information at:

About ISPP 2015

The 35th International Symposium on Separations of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides (ISPPP 2015) is a three-day event opening July 29 at Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, US.

The conference was founded in 1980 by Professors Fred Regnier and Milton Hearnon to bring together experts in the science and technologies of biomolecule separation.

This year’s symposium will feature a scientific programme covering biomolecule separations and a technical program focusing on new applications for the discovery and analysis of biotherapeutic proteins, modifications thereof, nucleic acids, metabolic transformations and complex carbohydrate.

ISPPP is an international event with meetings held alternately in Europe and North America. The previous symposium was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

ISPPP will be co-chaired by Dr Barry E Boyes and Dr Ron Orlando.

More information at:

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