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    KORSCH bringing world’s most flexible tablet press to FCE Brazil expo

    news-releasesKORSCH AG
    May 23rd 2024

    Berlin, Germany: – Leading name in tablet compression technology KORSCH AG will feature its highly advanced XL 4004 MFP Tablet Press at South America’s leading pharma industry expo, FCE 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil.

    KORSCH will exhibit under the banner of its local agent MAQUIDREX from Booth G059 at the Såo Paulo Expo Center with a display that features the XL4004 MFP as its centerpiece, including live demonstrations of its multiple capabilities.

    Unprecedented tableting flexibility

    The Fourth Generation XL 4004 in its MFP (Multi-Function Platform) variant offers an innovative and ultra-flexible design platform that permits the production of all tablet formats (single-layer, bi-layer,  tri-layer, tablet in tablet, chip in tablet, etc.) on a single tablet press.

    Combined with other advanced features, such as leading-edge control interface, retracting feeder design for fully automated layer sampling, precise control over filling, dwell and individual force at the tamping and final compression stages, the result is an unprecedented advancement in tablet press technology that permits maximum efficiency and utilization from a single machine platform.

    World leading technologies

    KORSCH has an unbroken relationship with FCE Pharma that extends back more than a decade. Its team for the 28th show will be led by  Latin America Sales Director Fernando Morán.

    “FCE Pharma has become an increasingly important event for us over the years as KORSCH continues to expand its footprint in the rapidly growing South American pharma manufacturing sector,” commented Mr. Morán.

    “Once again, this excellent show will provide us with an excellent platform to demonstrate our world-leading technologies and to make new contacts with the regional industry,” he added.

    About KORSCH AG

    KORSCH AG is a family-owned specialist equipment manufacturer that has evolved over the course of more than a century to become one of the world’s most respected names in tableting.

    Based on its near-unrivalled experience in tablet compression technology, KORSCH now offers a broad ranging portfolio of highly innovative products that cover almost every conceivable tablet manufacturing application, including initial feasibility and formulation research, scale-up, clinical production, and full scale 24/7 production.

    KORSCH presses are used worldwide, supported by a global network of sales and technical service specialists and innovation centers.

    KORSCH’s core business is in the design and production of tablet presses for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, with a current range of more than 12 platforms, ranging from the XP 1 Single Punch Press for R&D use to the TRP 900 Five-Layer Rotary Press built for continuous 24/7 operation.

    Since 2022, the KORSCH range has been enhanced by the addition of sophisticated STYL’One research compaction simulators from French-based MEDELPHARM.

    Learn more at:

    About FCE Pharma 2024

    The FCE Pharma Expo is an annual event that has become the principal marketing, communications and sales platform for the South and Central American pharmaceutical industry. FCE Pharma is unique in Latin America in bringing the biggest products and services suppliers from across the pharmaceutical industry production chain together under one roof and is a major driver of the pharma-based economy in the region.

    Featuring four conference tracks, and a co-located trade exhibition, the 28th FCE Pharma Expo (FCE Brasil 2024) will again be a three-day event opening on June 4 at the São Paulo Expo center in Brazil.

    The 2023 event attracted some 21,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors, representing a host of pharmaceutical industry professionals connected with manufacture, supply and distribution of products and services including packaging, labeling, machines and equipment, quality and contamination control, transport and logistics, outsourcing and consultancy, laboratory and analytical equipment, process equipment, valves, sprays, industrial automation, technology and printing services.

    The event is organized by Nürnberg Messe Brazil with more information at


    Click on Korsch AG: XL 4004 Multifunction Platform for further details.
    Click on KORSCH XL 400_4 MFP The Most Flexible Tablet Press in the World for YouTube video.


    A Specialist's Range of Products - An Innovative Solution for Every Tablet Compression Application

    KORSCH bringing world’s most flexible tablet press to FCE Brazil expo

    KORSCH XL4004 MFP: Multifunction Platform for unprecedented tabletting flexibility and versatility from single tablet press.

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