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    Körber webinar on using Augmented Reality (AR) guided workflows to unlock huge efficiency gains

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    February 26th 2021

    Karlsruhe, Germany – Integrated life sciences solutions provider Körber Business Area Pharma will host an online webinar on use of Augmented Reality (AR) based solutions to control pharma production workflows.

    The March 11th webinar will focus on use of Körber’s Lion Line Management System (LMS) that uses AR technology for Pharma 4.0 guided workflows. These can provide enhanced digital standard operating procedures (SOPs) for line clearance, format changes and many other essential parts of the production process.

    Seamless working in parallel

    The free webinar will show how use of Lion.Execute AR guided workflows can increase the efficiency for GMP-critical processes for pharma manufacturers by reducing need for reworking and by making quality-relevant changeover processes far simpler and more secure.

    With conventional setups, operators must be trained for each machine they are supposed to work on. With Lion.Execute, operators can be trained for a technique instead of a specific machine, allowing the team to carry out its tasks without functional overlaps. This allows operators to work in parallel on a workflow such as a format change or line clearance, with tasks and notes passed on seamlessly to incoming operators during shift changes, etc.

    Efficiency boosted by up to 30%

    AR user guidance prevents any process steps from being inadvertently left out, avoiding errors and achieving increases of up to 30% in machine availability, as well as reducing familiarization times, lower training costs and more efficient use of resources.

    Lion.Execute can also overcome the perennial challenge of achieving compliance in GMP-critical environments like pharma manufacturing facilities without reliance on time-consuming and error prone paper-based documentation.

    “A guided workflow project utilizing augmented reality provides a reliable entry into paperless production,” says Michael Völlinger, Business Director Consulting for Körber Business Area Pharma.

    Flexible and scalable

    The webinar will cover a series of Lion.Execute benefits, such as guided processes to achieve one-day onboarding of operators, with guided processes, paperless documentation, workflow integration into Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and a flexible architecture that is adaptable and scalable to almost any production line format and structure.

    The webinar will also show how Lion.Execute fits into a wider context of digitization based on new concepts such as the smart factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT), and Pharma 4.0 that are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

    Registration is free of charge and can be done online (see Resources).

    About Körber Business Area Pharma

    Körber is an international technology group with around 10,000 employees and more than 100 locations worldwide.

    We turn entrepreneurial thinking into customer success and shape the technological change. In the Business Areas Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain, Tissue and Tobacco, we offer products, solutions and services that inspire.

    At the Körber Business Area Pharma we are delivering the difference along the pharma value chain with our unique portfolio of integrated solutions.

    With our consulting services we support pharma manufacturers to optimize processes and digitize manufacturing. Utilizing profound knowledge of regulatory requirements, track & trace processes management, recipe optimization, validation strategy and execution, as well as augmented reality solutions in manufacturing, we unlock the potential of our client’s productivity.

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    Click on Körber Pharma AR Guided Workflows webinar for online registration.
    Click on Körber Pharma 4.0: Guided Workflows for further information.

    The value of simplicity

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    Körber webinar on using Augmented Reality (AR) guided workflows to unlock huge efficiency gains

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