Körber: Lion.Suite line optimization and guided workflows for Pharma 4.0 production

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January 26th 2022

Körber’s Lion line management suite is playing a key role in helping pharmaceutical companies transition towards the Pharma 4.0 of full digitally integrated manufacturing with its capabilities for automated and optimized workflows guided by augmented reality (AR) visualization.

These provide advanced solutions to constant challenges confronting the pharma industry including product individualization, format changes, line clearance, and fully integrated workflows.

Lion.Execute for guided workflows

In conventional setups, operators must be trained for each machine they are supposed to work on. With Lion.Execute, employees can be trained using a technique based on AR, rather than an actual machine. As a result, the team can carry out its tasks without overlaps because the same AR elements are used for the machines in real life.

Workflows such as format change or line clearance are carried out in parallel and passed on to the next operators without problems, for example, when a shift change occurs. The user guidance prevents any process steps from being inadvertently left out. This avoids errors, leading to an increase of up to 30% in machine availability. Furthermore, use of Lion.Execute reduces familiarization times, lowers training costs, and the use of resources.

Lion.Manage for line optimization

The Lion.Manage platform enables operators to control an entire production line from any machine or location, providing a single Human Machine Interface (HMI) that applies across the whole process. This greatly speeds and simplifies both overall control as well as operator training, as does its AR capabilities.

The Lion.Manage interface can also call up overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) key performance indicators at any time, making all data, including stop reasons, available to derive continuous and incremental improvements. Lion.Manage. can also facilitate data transfer to manufacturing execution systems (MES) or other local data systems.


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Körber: Lion.Suite line optimization and guided workflows for Pharma 4.0 production

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