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Hapa Technology Wins Three Further Awards

news-releasesHapa AG
April 12th 2016

Honored for intelligent design and functionality, both the Hapa 862 printing system and the joint HMI-project, “Hapa/Laetus New Technology” have received distinction from three of the best design competitions in the world, iF Award 2016, Red Dot Award, and German Design Award.

Hapa 862 modular printing system earns Hapa’s third iF Award

From out of 5,295 entries, from 53 countries, the innovative printing system was awarded an iF Award label. The Hapa 862 was recognized for its design and performance, which reflect the highest technological standards and a tradition of forward-looking innovation.

The modular Hapa 862 is a CMYK / 4-spot-color solution for any foil or label-printing application. The system complies with the pharmaceutical segment’s stringent requirements, and meets the challenges of serialization with high-resolution results. An upgrade path is built-in, with add-on options. The system merges with existing processes and integrates with ERP / workflow, and integrates with existing packaging lines, or operates offline.

Hapa’s previous iF Design Awards went to its HMI and the redcube printing module.

Hapa HMI receive its second and third design award

Hapa’s HMI received a Red Dot Award in the “Interface Design” category in Communication Design 2015. The international jury honored the user interface’s high design quality, which HMI Project GmbH helped realize.

In the German Design Award 2016 category “Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience,” the HMI received a Special Mention. The German Design Council’s judges annually place the highest demands on the evaluation of its prize winners. Only the products and communication design achievements with proven design quality are invited to participate.

The HMI was awarded an iF Design Award in 2015.

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About Hapa

Hapa AG is a global leader in Late Stage Customization and On Demand Packaging print solutions for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, with growing presence in the medical, FMCG and food industries. Its mission is to empower customers to complement lean production with in-process printing solutions.

Since introducing its first printing machines in 1933, Hapa has championed innovative printing solutions that can easily be integrated into existing packaging processes.

Thanks to its more than 50 years as a partner to the pharmaceutical industry with its strict regulatory environment, Hapa possesses invaluable know-how that translates into highly relevant innovative solutions.

Hapa’s printing systems are developed and produced at its base near Zurich, Switzerland. Hapa also has presence in the USA, UK, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil and Japan, employing some 170 people in all. There are more than 2,000 Hapa machines in service in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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