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    Gerteis ULTRA-PACTOR®

    products-servicesGerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
    March 26th 2020

    Gerteis has introduced its most technologically advanced roller compactor yet in the shape of the ULTRA-PACTOR® High Containment Roller Compactor, setting a new standard in contained dry granulation processing.

    Ultra-High Containment Roller Compaction

    ULTRA-PACTOR® builds on the renowned MACRO-PACTOR® platform with equivalent output capacities from 100g up to 400kg per hour, but in a more refined and ergonomic form that is designed from the outset with high containment in mind to suit highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) applications.

    In accordance with high containment good practice and GDP guidelines, ULTRA-PACTOR®’s clean form and features support full Wash-In-Place (WIP) and Clean-In-Place (CIP), with full glovebox and contained RTP operation, avoiding any operator exposure to toxic or hazardous substances.

    ULTRA-PACTOR® is based on the Gerteis Dry Granulation Concept of compaction between two counter rotating rolls under precisely metered force and gap and incorporates the same superb Gerteis engineering and advanced features that have made MINI-PACTOR® and MACRO-PACTOR® benchmark standards in high precision roller compaction.

    These include validated measurements for force and gap, constant ribbon properties and the contained interfaces for feed, conveyer, and discharge needed to maintain very low OEL levels.

    ULTRA-PACTOR® design & features

    Like every other Gerteis® roller compactor, ULTRA-PACTOR® comprises three principle sections: the Feeding System that conveys uncompacted particles to the Compaction Unit where counter rotating press rollers compact powders under precisely defined force and metered gap into a crushed particle ribbon that is further rotor milled in the Size Reduction Unit to required particle size.

    In addition, ULTRA-PACTOR® offers some particular features:

    • Ultra-High Containment: The ergonomically designed Gerteis® custom isolator achieves OEL levels down to less than 0.1 µg/m3 (Occupation Exposure Band 5).
    • Throughput: Depending on the chosen machine setup, the production range lies between 100 gram trial batches up to industrial production levels at 400 kilos per hour.
    • WIP & CIP: Cleaning options such as Wash-In-Place design or even fully automated Clean-In-Place available.
    • Rapid Transfer Port: Enables a convenient transfer of samples or parts in and out of the containment area.
    • HMI control: Flexible positioning of advanced visual GUI control screen allows easy machine operation at station or remotely if required.
    • Choice of Interfaces: Split butterfly valve integration is available, along with push-push filter designs and permanent online pressure monitoring for all seals and pressure zones.

    ULTRA-PACTOR® Specifications and Options

    Available options include:

    • Smooth, knurled or custom design Press Roller surface
    • Star rotor or pocket type Granulator with pre-crushing feature
    • Specific interfaces for pneumatic or mechanical conveyors
    • Nitrogen purge into the process area for added ATEX protection
    • Seamless integration with MES software



    Dry granulation and its application in dietary supplements manufacturing

    Gerteis ULTRA-PACTOR®

    Gerteis ULTRA-PACTOR®: features clean form design optimized for high containment and easy CIP/WIP

    Gerteis ULTRA-PACTOR®

    Every function of ULTRA-PACTOR® can be operated under full isolation or HMI controlled remotely

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