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    Gasporox showing non-destructive pharma testing solutions on ACHEMA debut

    news-releasesGasporox AB
    August 10th 2022

    Lund, Sweden: – Non-destructive testing technology specialist Gasporox AB will make its debut as an exhibitor at the reconvened ACHEMA 2022 expo in Frankfurt with a strong portfolio of advanced pharmaceutical inspection solutions.

    Exhibiting from Booth F18  in Hall 3.1 at Frankfurt Messe, Gasporox will showcase its latest innovations such as  the benchtop GPX1500 Film Pharma, and the VialArch™ headspace analysis sensor module. The Gasporox stand will also feature the latest generation CellSpect leak detection module and GasSpect Flex non-destructive headspace gas analyzer module, both for easy integration into third party inspection systems.

    Live demos

    The Gasporox stand team at ACHEMA will also be conducting live demonstrations of the standalone headspace inspection systems GPX1500 Film Pharma and GPX1500 Vial, as well as the VialArch™ sensor module that allows in-line production inspection functions based on headspace analysis.

    Applications of Gasporox’s advanced  Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology include container closure integrity testing (CCIT) and residual oxygen testing in containers or parenteral packaging such as vials, ampoules and other package formats.

    Advanced leak detection

    Gasporox will make two scientific contributions to the ACHEMA Congress in Hall 11. The first (1100 hrs., August 24), will be led by Applications Specialist Roland Koch and will show the potential of the pioneering Gasporox Ampoule Leak Detection (GALD) method based on laser spectroscopy for non-destructive leak detection in ampoules within milliseconds.

    GALD testing generates zero ozone, does not require any container rotation, and eliminates any problems related to ambient moisture fluctuations. Since no high energy levels are involved, the method is particularly suitable for highly sensitive compounds.

    Pharma porosity testing

    The second presentation during the afternoon session (1415 hrs., Aug. 24) will also be led by Applications Specialist Roland Koch. This will explore the unique potential for at-line measurement of the porosity of pharma substances, such as granulation ribbons, offered by the GPX Porosity tester.

    The instrument combines the diode laser-based technique GASMAS (gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy) and pTOFS (photon time of flight spectroscopy) to obtain an accurate porosity (ϕOPT) reading within a few seconds, with no need for prior sample preparation or other lab equipment.

    Event team

    The Gasporox stand team in Frankfurt  will be led by Mr. Koch and Instrument Sales and Product Manager, Jean-Philippe Descloux.

    “We are delighted to be attending this important event for the first time as an exhibitor, reflecting the increasing importance of TDLAS to the pharma industry,” commented  Mr. Descloux.

    “ACHEMA provides us with a very powerful platform both for exhibiting our solutions and also for meeting potential customers and partners,” he added.

    About Gasporox

    Gasporox, based in Lund in southern Sweden, develops and manufactures laser-based sensors for integration into in-line inspection and production lines for Headspace Analysis and Leak Detection. Gasporox sensors are also available in various instruments ideal for quality control and at-line inspection of packaging and support many different package formats as highly effective tools for more efficient sample testing and greener production.

    The VialArch™ is a unique laser-based solution for vials to be installed on the production line for 100% quality inspection for residual oxygen and container closure integrity testing. The laser beam is passing the headspace of the moving vials to perform laser-based headspace analysis (HSA), non-destructive and with precise measurements of the residual oxygen in the headspace.

    The GPX1500 Film Pharma is a compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical bags and pouches. It’s designed to operate parameter free to have a reliable and accurate use in the pharmaceutical production and lab. The GPX1500 Vial is the Film Pharma’s sibling for rigid containers, like vials and ampoules.

    The available Headspace Analysis sensors work with many types of containers like vials, ampoules, bottles, bags and trays and are available for measuring O2, CO2, H2O, or the pressure inside the inspected container and are suitable for Leak Detection on packages like trays, bags, and cans. These sensors can be integrated into production machines and also form the basis for stand-alone instruments.

    Gasporox technology has been proven for performance and robustness over more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry in the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments for total lab and production testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines.

    Gasporox testing technologies are non-destructive and deterministic and recommended by <USP1207>

    Learn more at:

    About ACHEMA 2022

    ACHEMA provides a world forum for the Chemical Engineering and Process Industries.

    Attracting some 170,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, along with more than 3,800 exhibiting companies and organizations, ACHEMA is one of the biggest events in the sector, held every third year.

    Now in its 38th year, ACHEMA 2022 will be held over five days, opening August 22 at the Messe Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, once again as a face-to-face event following a virtual ACHEMA Pulse online edition, due to the Covid pandemic.

    The co-located exhibition will again feature the chemical and pharmaceutical logistics zones introduced in 2018, along with a Green Innovation Zone, Digital Hub and Start-up Area.

    More information at


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    Specialist in Non-destructive Headspace Analysis

    Gasporox showing non-destructive pharma testing solutions on ACHEMA debut

    Gasporox GPX1500 Film Pharma: a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection for I/V bags and pharma pouches – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive.

    Gasporox showing non-destructive pharma testing solutions on ACHEMA debut

    Gasporox VialArch sensor module allows advanced Headspace Gas Analysis for non-destructive CCIT testing to be integrated directly into packaging line or inspection system.

    Gasporox showing non-destructive pharma testing solutions on ACHEMA debut

    Illustration of the Gasporox GPX-Porosity instrument and its five-step measurement concept.

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