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    Gasporox extends non-destructive headspace analyzer portfolio with GPX1500 Vial CO2 launch at CPHI Frankfurt

    news-releasesGasporox AB
    October 27th 2022

    Lund, Sweden: – Non-destructive testing technology specialist Gasporox AB will be a prominent presence at the rebranded CPHI worldwide pharma industry expo in Frankfurt with a significant advanced testing product launch and as a finalist at the CPHI Awards.

    Exhibiting from Booth 60D45 as part of the Pharma Machinery (P-MEC) zone at Hall 6.0 at the Messe Frankfurt, Gasporox will showcase its latest innovations such as the benchtop GPX1500 Vial CO2 for carbon dioxide headspace gas testing, making its global debut at the show, alongside others in the series, including GPX1500 Vial O2 for oxygen headspace measurement and GPX1500 Film Pharma for inspecting pharma bags and pouches.

    Excellence in Technology Awards

    The stand will also display the innovative VialArch™ headspace analysis sensor module, which has made Gasporox one of the seven final shortlist candidates for a CPHI Award in the ‘Excellence in Pharma: Manufacturing, Technology & Equipment’ category.

    The GPX1500 CO2 laser sensor technology is particularly applicable to non-destructive CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing) in combination with cold storage with dry ice. It can also be used for media fill testing.

    The Gasporox stand will also feature the latest generation CellSpect leak detection module and GasSpect Flex non-destructive headspace gas analyzer module, both for easy integration into third party inspection systems.

    Return to CPHI

    This is a return to CPHI for Gasporox who successfully exhibited at the previous Worldwide show in Milan last year.

    The Gasporox team at CPHI Frankfurt will be led by the company’s CEO, Märta Lewander Xu, accompanied by  Senior Application and Sales Manager Roland Koch and Sales and Product Manager Jean-Philippe Descloux.

    “We are looking forward to our return to CPHI, which is a great event and a fantastic platform for meeting potential customers, generating leads, discussing projects, and raising our brand awareness,” said Mr. Koch.

    “The GPX1500 Vial CO2 is the twin brother to the GPX1500 Vial O2, but exhibits even higher precision,” Mr. Koch explained.

    “It was a logical move to also introduce the CO2 version of our GPX1500 Vial instrument, since Gasporox already offers sensors available for CO2,” he added.

    About Gasporox

    Gasporox, based in Lund in southern Sweden, develops and manufactures laser-based sensors for integration into in-line inspection and production lines for Headspace Analysis and Leak Detection. Gasporox sensors are also available in various instruments ideal for quality control and at-line inspection of packaging and support many different package formats as highly effective tools for more efficient sample testing and greener production.

    The VialArch™ is a unique laser-based solution for vials to be installed on the production line for 100% quality inspection for residual oxygen and container closure integrity testing. The laser beam is passing the headspace of the moving vials to perform laser-based headspace analysis (HSA), non-destructive and with precise measurements of the residual oxygen in the headspace.

    The GPX1500 Film Pharma is a compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical bags and pouches. It’s designed to operate parameter free to have a reliable and accurate use in the pharmaceutical production and lab. The GPX1500 Vial is the Film Pharma’s sibling for rigid containers, like vials and ampoules.

    The available Headspace Analysis sensors work with many types of containers like vials, ampoules, bottles, bags and trays and are available for measuring O2, CO2, H2O, or the pressure inside the inspected container and are suitable for Leak Detection on packages like trays, bags, and cans. These sensors can be integrated into production machines and also form the basis for stand-alone instruments.

    Gasporox technology has been proven for performance and robustness over more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry in the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments for total lab and production testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines.

    Gasporox testing technologies are non-destructive and deterministic and recommended by <USP1207>.

    Learn more at:

    About CPHI Frankfurt 2022

    In its 33rd year, CPhI Worldwide is rebranding as CPHI ‘At the heart of Pharma’, which will continue to be the flagship European annual trade show for pharma ingredients and partner sourcing.

    CPHI Frankfurt adopts a hybrid model fusing a large physical expo with an online dimension to make networking and browsing easier and to extend the time frame of the event indefinitely.

    For 2022, CPHI Frankfurt is a three-day physical event opening November 1 at the Messe expo center in Frankfurt-am-Main, with the online exhibition opening from September 28.

    The previous ‘seven shows in one’ format has been replaced by a larger number of more precisely targeted exhibition zones and online spaces, including Analytical & Lab Zone, APIs, BioProduction, CRO & Clinical Trials, Excipients, Fine Chemicals, Finished Dosage Formulations, ICSE (Outsourcing), InnoPack (Packaging), Integrated Pharma, Natural Extracts, and PMEC (Machinery and Equipment.

    CPHI Frankfurt is organised by Informa Markets with further information at:


    Click on Gaporox GPX1500 Vial Instrument  for detailed product information.
    Click on Gasporox GPX1500 Film Pharma for detailed product information.
    Click on Gasporox VialArch sensor for detailed product information.
    Click on Gaporox GPX1500 Vial non-intrusive Headspace Gas Analyser to watch video.


    Specialist in Non-destructive Headspace Analysis

    Gasporox extends non-destructive headspace analyzer portfolio with GPX1500 Vial CO2 launch at CPHI Frankfurt

    Gasporox GPX1500 series instruments provide benchtop solutions for  non-destructive headspace gas inspection.

    Gasporox extends non-destructive headspace analyzer portfolio with GPX1500 Vial CO2 launch at CPHI Frankfurt

    CPHI Award nominee: Gasporox VialArch sensor module allows advanced Headspace Gas Analysis for non-destructive CCIT testing to be integrated directly into packaging line or inspection system.

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