Evolve joins Malta Chamber quality initiative

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August 7th 2020

Luqa, Malta: – Life sciences environment specialist Evolve Ltd (Evolve) has joined forces with the Malta Chamber of Commerce to work for greater emphasis on quality in all aspects of the island’s business and economy.

Evolve signed a Bronze Collaboration Alliance Agreement with the Malta Chamber that pledged to join forces in developing the Chamber’s policy in key areas related to the upholding of quality.

Quality Committee

In particular, Evolve will support and contribute to the formation of The Chamber’s Quality Committee, a new horizontal policy body working to research and lobby for greater quality in business activities and products, underlined by strong Maltese national objectives and values.

After signing the agreement, Evolve CEO and Managing Director Christopher Busuttil Delbridge commented: “Our company has always believed that true quality is a necessary element required for having a resilient economy, just as it is for having a resilient business.”

High Quality Environments

“Our mission is to create very high quality laboratory and other controlled environments for our life sciences and pharma clients and therefore quality is embedded in all our processes,” Mr. Busuttil Delbridge explained.

“Similarly, a very high quality customer experience is central to commercial success and this is being reflected in an enhanced online presence through our redesigned and re-engineered website,” he added.

Employer of choice

“We look forward to being able to contribute our own ideas, insights and experience to the work of the Malta Quality Committee, and that this in turn will underline our credentials as an Employer of Choice as we compete for the best talent,” said Mr. Busuttil Delbridge.

Evolve offers a holistic service that draws on four principal areas of expertise, in the design, installation and equipping, personnel training and maintenance of laboratory and research workspaces. The company currently employs 30 people, mostly scientists and technical experts.

African expansion

Over the past two years, Evolve has initiated Business Process Analysis and Strategic Marketing Consultancy programs to support international operations, including greater engagement in West Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, with particular expansion in Ghana and Ethiopia.

Speaking on behalf of The Malta Chamber, President Perit David Xuereb commented:  “Business leaders must partner with Government and civil society to inculcate a culture where the current ‘good enough’ attitude is replaced by ‘nothing but the best’ – whether this relates to the products that are manufactured in Malta, to the professional services provided to simple courtesy and good manners towards tourists who visit our shores.”

“In this respect, the Chamber is proud to team up with Evolve Ltd, who will sit side by side with the Chamber in each initiative tackled jointly. In itself, this will derive a strong positioning benefit to Evolve Ltd. as it places itself at the forefront as a support of the Chamber providing invaluable resources that are channelled towards the benefit of the business community in Malta.”

About Evolve Ltd.

Malta-based Evolve Ltd. designs and installs fully equipped controlled environments to construct and renovate private and public laboratories and research facilities for the scientific, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, academic and heritage sectors.

Evolve offers a holistic service that draws on four principal areas of expertise, in the design, installation and equipment, personnel training and maintenance of laboratory and research facilities and equipment.

Evolve Ltd. is part of the Attard & Co. Group of Companies and traces its origins to Attard’s setting up in 1956 of Medical and Scientific Equipment and Supplies (MSES) to cater for its scientific products. During the 1990’s, under the leadership of Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, Evolve’s current Managing Director, MSES changed its business model, centered on a vision to become a recognized, award-winning, world-class thought leader and influencer on the international scientific and healthcare laboratory market.

In 2006, following Malta’s accession to the EU, MSES Department was rebranded as Evolve Ltd., an independent  Attard subsidiary tasked with serving the scientific community. Within five years, it had developed three operating departments: Medical & Diagnostics, Scientific Services and Technical Services.

Evolve currently employs some 30 people, mostly scientists and technical experts.

Further information at: www.evolveltd.eu


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Evolve joins Malta Chamber quality initiative

Evolve CEO Christopher Busuttil Delbridge signs Bronze Collaboration Alliance Agreement alongside President of The Malta Chamber Perit David Xuereb and Deputy President Marisa Xuereb (photo: Malta Independent)