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    Erdmann Solutions and DECTRIS continue collaborating on the design of X-ray detectors

    news-releasesErdmann Solutions AG
    June 15th 2023

    Neuhausen, Switzerland: Award-winning design and engineering agency Erdmann Solutions continues its long-standing partnership with Swiss-based X-ray and electron detection leader, DECTRIS.

    Erdmann Solutions has partnered with DECTRIS since 2007, providing industrial design expertise that has ensured coherent and sound industrial design and message in the design of DECTRIS hybrid photon counting detectors and electron counting detectors.

    Now Erdmann will collaborate with DECTRIS on the next stage of its journey by supporting the alignment of the brand identity with a new generation of detectors.

    Erdmann Solutions CEO Raimund Erdmann commented: “Once again, innovation management and human centered design will be key elements in what I’m sure will be a further success story for DECTRIS.”

    DECTRIS’ detectors are based on modular architecture, which allows for various shapes and sizes of detectors, depending on customers’ needs. During the development and design of detectors, Erdmann’s expertise in industrial design included considerations of user experience, human-centered design, product portfolio identity design, and co-creation workshops. All this has made it possible to use industrial design across DECTRIS product platforms, which ensured consistency, brand, and user-friendly approach for customers.

    About Erdmann Solutions

    Erdmann Solutions AG (Erdmann) offers award-winning human-centered Design and Engineering services that are particularly applicable to Life Sciences and Med Tech applications including devices, control systems, delivery, production systems, and packaging solutions.

    The Erdmann Solutions Approach are built around innovation, human centric design underpinned by usability engineering and testing and branding expertise, bringing tightly knit and dynamic design teams to focus on innovation and real customer needs, with particular expertise in high-risk in technologies n Medical and Pharmaceutical procedures.

    Erdmann Solutions was founded in Brugg operating in Neuhausen, close to Zurich, in 1978 by industrial designer Raimund Erdmann, who still leads the company. Since then, it has won more than 50 outstanding awards for its work with companies worldwide.

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    About DECTRIS

    DECTRIS develops and manufactures hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors. Due to their advanced features, DECTRIS’ detectors are used in materials and life science research at large-scale research facilities (synchrotron sources), or integrated in laboratory X-ray machines and electron microscopes.  Headquartered in Switzerland, DECTRIS employs over 150 highly skilled people who continuously work on a common mission: to challenge the limits of detection technology and collaborate with partners on providing transformative solutions beyond detectors.

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    Human Centered Design is the moment when it happens, when the product concept is designed and tested in fast iterations until all aspects are validated, including user experience, market needs, regulations, business and technology

    Erdmann Solutions and DECTRIS continue collaborating on the design of X-ray detectors

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