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    Erdmann Solutions AG

    Erdmann Solutions AG (Erdmann) offers award-winning human-centered Design and Engineering services that are particularly applicable to Life Sciences and Med Tech applications including devices, control systems, delivery, production systems and packaging solutions.

    The three pillars of the Erdmann Design Approach are:

    • Innovation: combining strategic planning, experience mapping and market insights
    • Human Centric: design thinking underpinned by usability engineering and testing
    • Branding: recognizing that brand strength is based on core identity, culture and values.

    Erdmann brings tightly knit and dynamic design teams to focus on innovation and real customer needs, with particular expertise in high-risk in technologies in Medical and Pharmaceutical Procedures.

    Product areas

    Erdmann Design works across a broad range of industries and sectors with particular strength and expertise in Human Centered Design for Pharma, Healthcare, Life Sciences and MedTech. Its portfolio of successful projects includes the following:

    • Medical Design: solutions for ophthalmology, operation rooms, diagnostic graphic user interfaces, screen designs, surgical instruments and tools and wearable devices.
    • Dental Design: imaging suite, implant positioning tool, electronic toothbrushes, etc.
    • Human Centered & Usability Design: self-medication devices, DIN EN 62366 standard medical products.
    • Industrial Design: high frequency therapeutic pen, abrasive fluid surface and edge treatment system, modular X-ray detector, ophthalmic lens production machine, textile finishing system.
    • Experience Design: a methodology that uses ‘experience mapping’ to ensure genuine human-centered design quality.
    • Startup Support: helping innovative young companies establish brand identity and plan marketing campaigns.
    • Corporate Branding: brand repositioning, refreshment and post-merger brand migration campaigns.
    • Exhibition Design: reconstruction architecture, themed exhibitions, exhibit projects, event planning, etc.

    Erdmann’s work has involved deep immersion in leading -edge issues and technologies, such as AI research, surgical simulation, robotic and navigated surgery, patient outcome analysis, patient-centric and home care delivery models.

    As a flexible design-team, Erdmann always welcomes being challenged with new concepts and innovative ideas and projects.

    Company history and structure

    Erdmann Design AG was founded in the Swiss canton of Aargau, close to Zurich, in 1978 by industrial designer Raimund Erdmann, who still leads the company. Since then, it has won more than 50 outstanding awards for its work with companies worldwide.

    The core Erdmann mission is to bring Swiss Design Quality to its clients, with particular focus on global MedTech, Pharma and life science companies.

    It has secured a number of international patents in Ophthalmology and Navigated Surgery involving its methodologies and processes, such as the Quriose design methodology for small project-focused teams.

    Erdmann project teams tend to be limited to four people, bringing different perspectives and specialties together. These teams may include Raimund Erdmann himself, with his background in industrial and human-centered design or his wife Kristen, who specializes in exhibition and educational design. Other leading members of the Erdmann team include Michele Stöcklin (Industrial Design, Ergonomics, Brand Identity), Dr. Raniero Pittini (Technology and Engineering Design).

    The Erdmann team also works in global collaborative networks to involve its clients and partners in the process.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    Erdmann Design’s medical device and medtech system solutions conform to guidelines on Medical Device Usability promulgated by EU MDR and EU UDI regulations.

    Erdmann Design is also registered as a Human-centered Design Expert and Usability Expert in line with IEC 62366-1 standards. Erdmann depends on thorough testing and has constructed a medical laboratory that it uses as a prototyping space and test facility.

    However, design is a largely intuitive and iterative process, rather than a regulated one. Therefore the Erdmann philosophy is ‘try often to fail early and learn fast’, recognizing that effective design depends on negative and positive feedback loops.


    Human Centered Design is the moment when it happens, when the product concept is designed and tested in fast iterations until all aspects are validated, including user experience, market needs, regulations, business and technology


    Erdmann Solutions AG

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    Address: Stahlrain 2, 5200 Brugg, Switzerland
    Telephone No: +41 55 242 00 50
    Email Address: [email protected]
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