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Epitope Mapping and Screening

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May 10th 2012

Epitope Mapping and screening is the process of identifying and screening the binding sites of a protein. These binding sites can play a role in immunne processes or how viruses and bacteria enter human (mammalian) cells or in any other protein-protein or protein-peptide interaction.

Peptides consist of 2 or more amino acids making up a sequence of up to 50-100 aa (sometimes already considered a miniprotein). Research and development has acknowledged the importance of peptides. Creating and testing extensive libraries can determine their biological function. Phage library integration or chemical syntheses have been used on randomised peptides fragments. However using these vast libraries can cause disorientation as numerous biologically irrelevant amino acid combinations are generated.

Biogenic peptides (bioPeptides) are an alternative source for peptides. ATG’s PepID special patented peptide design and expression technology allows for the expression cloning of individual peptides from a rationally designed peptide library.

BioPeptides are central in the use of the specific binding of protein domains. The human and animal immune system recognises a diverse range of epitopes. Immune diagnostics can take advantage of this approach to monitor individual immune responses using diagnostic arrays made with bioPeptides.

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