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DORNIER-LTF PIRO® robot gains ‘big and clever’ new head

news-releasesDORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH
July 4th 2014

Lindau, Germany: – Laboratory automation specialist DORNIER–LTF today announced the introduction of a large capacity ‘intelligent’ pipetting head for its innovative PIRO® personal pipetting robot.

The addition of the new 1000µl (1ml) pipetting device, which carries all calibration information in the exchangeable head, expands the application spectrum of the PIRO® far beyond the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) range into new realms. These potential new working fields for PIRO® include general liquid handling, primary tube handling and chemistry applications with demands of bigger volumes.

The newly developed and released PIRO® Pipetting Head 1000 complements the already available 200µl heads (dedicated for qPCR applications). Swapping between pipetting heads is a simple un-clip, remove, plug and re-clip process than can be carried out in a few seconds.

Since the new 1ml pipetting head holds all calibration and positioning information, no further adaption and recalibration is necessary. The PIRO operating software automatically recognizes the larger head, making the robot ready to resume operation immediately.

The larger head can pipette deep well plates and tubes down to a tube depth of 100 mm, allowing primary tubes to be used and up to 1ml transferred in one step. The larger liquid capacity also allows up to five times more sample to be dispensed into wells between refills, greatly speeding up the process.

Bigger, smarter

“The addition of this new exchangeable head brings PIRO close to an ‘all in one’ automated solution for laboratories and service providers that demand flexible and easy to use robotic liquid handling,” declared Dr. Rudolf Walser, DORNIER-LTF Director of Applications and Sales.

This new expansion of PIRO’s capabilities needs to be seen in conjunction with the enhanced functions built into the new generation PIRO® we launched at Munich earlier this year, such as optimized sequences for enhanced results, intelligent pipetting from database and through matrix import,” he noted.

“Our small robot has now become much bigger and even smarter. This new head makes PIRO a perfect personal pipettor for almost any life sciences application demanding full traceability and high reproducibility in sample handling,” said Dr. Walser.

“We believe this simple but significant expansion of PIRO’s capabilities will increase international recognition of DORNIER-LTF as a true multipurpose system provider, opening up new markets for a solution that offers the precision and flexibility normally associated with much bigger and more expensive robots,” he added.


DORNIER-LTF was formed from the partnership of high-tech engineering company DORNIER with laboratory specialist LTF, to bring together state-of-the-art German engineering with applied scientific research experience.

The company specializes in creating reliable and easy to use precision pipetting devices that are essential research and diagnostic laboratory work. DORNIER-LTF has developed affordable high precision liquid handling robotic technologies, in particular the newly developed PIRO® pipetting robot that integrates high throughput benefits within a compact and easy to handle device.

Media Contact

Dr. Rudolf Walser, Director of Applications/Sales, DORNIER-LTF
Tel: +49 8382 2730 890


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