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    CPC Enzymes Development

    products-servicesCPC Biotech s.r.l
    February 17th 2020

    As a CMO, CPC Biotech develops, manufactures and supplies of enzymes for Quality Control (QC) for the pharmaceuticals and other industries as well as ready to use media for microbiology.

    CPC Biotech specializes in enzymes that form major reference points for antibiotic inactivation. These enzymes are used in micro QC analysis for sterility testing and total count on antibiotics as well as in environmental monitoring of clean rooms.

    CPC Biotech enzyme strengths

    As a world-leading expert for antibiotic inactivation, CPC Biotech has become a major consultant to international pharmaceutical bodies.

    It was the first company to develop highly stable, broad-spectrum beta-lactamases and is unique in offering an enzyme for inactivation of macrolids antibiotics. CPC Biotech is also distinctive in offering heparinases for QC testing of low molecular heparins like enoxaparin.

    All the products offered by CPC Biotech are developed in its R&D lab at Monza Brianza, Italy, starting from genes screening/cloning up to production and formulation. Its research approach focuses on developing distinctive solutions with products unique in the market and covered by trade mark.

    CPC Biotech enzyme strengths include:

    • High stability: ensuring long expiry date and ability to ship worldwide.
    • Optimal Formulations: offered in different formulation depending on the final application and usage. These include lyophilized (sterile and non-sterile) forms, suspensions in ammonium sulfate, liquid sterile, immobilized enzymes and a wide array of customized formulations and pack sizes.
    • Very high purity.

    From Enzyme Discovery to Enzyme Production

    The CPC enzyme development process encompasses six district stages:

      1. Screening: Specific enzymatic activities are selected by our scientist either by genome database analysis and microbial collection screening.
      2. Gene cloning: Genes coding for specific enzymatic activities are cloned and expressed.
      3. Expression: Gene sequences are optimized for the codon usage of expression host cell line. Moreover expression of gene is tested in different cell lines in order to increase productivity Proprietary tags are also used to enhance protein solubility.
      4. Fermentation optimization: Fermentation of recombinant organism expressing the enzyme of interest is optimized by working on fermentation media composition and fermentation parameters.
      5. Extraction/purification: Enzyme of interest is extracted from fermentation and highly purified by chromatography or other techniques in order to obtain high purity grade.
      6. Scaling up and production process: Once each step of the production is optimized in lab scale, the whole process pass to industrial/commercial production.


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