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    Contamination Concerns

    white-paperPhage Consultants
    July 1st 2014


    Contamination of bioprocesses is an under-reported and sparsely analyzed phenomenon, largely because of the commercial sensitivities involved.

    The latest White Paper from Polish-based bacteriophage specialists Phage Consultants helps to fill the gap with thorough analysis of how contaminations occur in bioprocesses and how to combat them.

    The paper is authored by Phage Consultants founder and CEO, Dr. Marcin Los, who is a world expert on bacteriophages and their complex roles, both at the heart of bioprocess contaminations and combating them.

    Abstract Summary

    The paper examines patterns of Primary Contamination (largely due to surrounding environmental factors such as agricultural activity combined with deficiencies in primary isolation of the facility) and Secondary Contamination (spread of infections within the plant or to related facilities within the same network). It explores how contaminations, particularly by T1-like bacteriophages, can then evolve via natural selection to become disinfection-resistant and even more devastating to affected facilities.

    On the positive side, the paper outlines a number of strategies for preventing contaminations. These range from facility location and architecture to design of processes to increase chances of early infection detection and rapid recovery.

    Finally, Phage Consultants review strategies and tools for combating contaminations, including effective testing, preventing spread and eradication of contamination, sometimes by development of phage resistant strains or cocktails of different strains with different phage resistances.

    The paper shows how contaminations in bioprocesses can cause very serious problems but that there are proven strategies to prevent occurrence, decrease frequency, stop spread and recover from an outbreak.

    To learn more about Contamination Concerns please download white paper:


    Bacteriophage contamination: is there a simple method to reduce its deleterious effects in laboratory cultures and biotechnological factories?


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