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    CBD Powder – Pharmatrans SANAQ®

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    September 5th 2023

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® has added powdered cannabidiol (CBD) to its ingredient’s portfolio. CBD Powder 2% or 6%  are offered as unique flavorless components for food and cosmetics formulations.

    CBD Powder 2% or 6% are both 100% vegan and lactose free with 0.0% content of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These powders are also highly water soluble and optimized for rapid dissolution.

    These solutions enable manufacturers to optimize their portfolios for a low-risk, efficient, and fast to market entry into CBD added-value functionality.

    CBD in food industry:

    Cannabidiol is found in a wide variety of foods and beverages, from coffee and juices to muffins, jellybeans, snack foods, and ice cream.

    CBD is often used to help manage anxiety, and some studies show that it may help people combat symptoms of insomnia.

    CBD in cosmetics:

    In 2021 CBD derived from Cannabis was included in the COSING (Cosmetic Ingredients database), the European Commission’s database for information on cosmetic ingredients.

    The recognition of the ingredient of vegetable origin is leading the market to an impetus towards the use of this raw material, which has many potential uses.  In fact, there are many CBD receptors on the skin, involved not only in the skin barrier function, but also in the inflammatory, immune response and in apoptosis (programmed cell death).

    Some studies have highlighted the ability of phytocannabinoids to improve atopic dermatitis not only through the modulation of the inflammatory response, but also through the regulation of the balance of the microbiome, acting on Staphylococcus aureus.

    CBD also has a positive effect on skin lipid balance, resulting in an excellent cosmetic ally to counteract acne and seborrhea by normalizing lipogenesis and lipid homeostasis.

    CBD Powder features and benefits

    The Pharmatrans SANAQ CBD ingredients are offered as easy-to-mix powders targeted to immediate processing for product formulations.

    They are based on patented microencapsulation technology making the powder rapidly dissoluble, easy-to-dose and easy-to-mix for unlimited scalability.

    The product is fully certified as food quality granted and awarded by the FSSC certified of the contract manufacturer.

    Both powders are available as bulk product, with long shelf life that does not require any special provisions for storage or handling.


    Click on Pharmatrans SANAQ® CBD Powder Safety for further product details.


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    CBD Powder – Pharmatrans SANAQ®

    In-vitro dissolution profile.

    CBD Powder – Pharmatrans SANAQ®

    SEM Microscope image of particle.

    CBD Powder – Pharmatrans SANAQ®

    Powder after dissolution.

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