Applikon Biotechnology launches fully customizable single-use bioreactor using 3D printing technology

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February 27th 2019

Delft, The Netherlands: – Dutch-based upstream bioprocess equipment specialist Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) has launched the single-use AppliFlex ST lab-scale bioreactor as a significant extension to its range of innovative bioreactor systems. AppliFlex ST is a fully customizable and scalable stirred tank single-use bioreactor that uses 3D printing technology to provide a head plate that is uniquely configured to each individual process, including custom impeller design, and different sample port connections.

Disposables Designed on Demand

“The AppliFlex ST is fully configurable. You can choose the type and number of impellers, the number of liquid and gas additions, different sample port connections, and the type of sparger that are most optimal for your process,” said Erik Kakes, co-owner and International Sales and Marketing Director at Applikon. “AppliFlex ST users will be freed from the need for blind plugs since the bioreactor will be wholly built to their specific process”.

The 3D printing production technology allows multiple options, like for example ‘Designed on Demand’ impellers in Helical, Hydrofoil, Marine or Rushton formats. Further, it guarantees complete reproducibility between the different customized bioreactors, providing exact identical conditions between runs. On top of that, the Appliflex ST is designed to be easy to open at end of run to facilitate a simple transfer to downstream processing.

AppliFlex single-use product range

The new AppliFlex ST (stirred tank) bioreactor joins a growing range of Applikon single-use systems, that also includes the AppliFlex RB (rocking bag) bioreactor. AppliFlex bioreactors are delivered pre-sterilized and ‘ready to go’ to save time during culture setup.

“We can offer customers a powerful range of benefits that include lower initial investment, optimized workflows, simple parallel calibration of multiple sensors and applicability to microbial or cell culture processes,” said Mr. Kakes.

The single-use bioreactors are 1:1 interchangeable with Applikon’s glass vessels of the same volume and are designed according to identical high Applikon quality standards.

Flexible options

Further, all measurement and control auxiliaries are completely interchangeable between the single-use and the glass bioreactor, saving customers time, effort and cost in switching between single-use and multi-use systems.

All systems can be supplied with measurement and control of key bioprocess parameters using customer’s choice of software solution. Applikon’s new multi-reactor interface allows for simple parallel processing. Embedded control can be supplemented with Lucullus PIMS automation solution or Applikon’s own DeltaV™ based V-Control package.

The AppliFlex ST can be supplied with optical or classical sensor technologies. Optical sensors include pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Optical Density and make operating the systems very easy.

Classical sensors cover an even wider range of calibrations that include Biomass (Capacitance), RedOx and weight.

About Applikon Biotechnology

Netherlands-based Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) is a manufacturer that specializes in upstream bioprocess equipment for the life sciences industries. Its mission is to provide reliable solutions for the bioprocess market to enable improved quality of life.

Applikon’s core business is in the development and supply of advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale, to pilot, to production scale, partnering with customers to implement scalable platforms from initial screening through development and full-scale production for a global client base that includes pharma and biotech companies, food industry, CROs, CMOs, governmental and academic organizations.

Applikon designs, develops and assembles bioreactor systems, with all design and manufacturing conducted in-house. The Applikon portfolio covers key product and service areas including bioreactor cultivation systems, BioBundle turnkey systems, the unique BioSep Acoustic Perfusion System cell retention device, process control systems to automate bioprocesses and a range of proprietary Applisens sensors, and automation (monitoring and data management) solutions.

Apart from its standard cultivation and turnkey systems, Applikon also offers Special Projects: custom solutions aimed at helping clients fulfil strategic needs such as long-term development, capability expansion and upscaling.

Applikon is headquartered at Delft in The Netherlands with subsidiaries in the UK, New Jersey and California, USA and a distributor network covering more than 35 countries.

Applikon Biotechnology launches fully customizable single-use bioreactor using 3D printing technology
Applikon Biotechnology launches fully customizable single-use bioreactor using 3D printing technology

3-D Printing allows Applikon to provide disposable impellers that are completely customized to application

Applikon Biotechnology launches fully customizable single-use bioreactor using 3D printing technology

AppliFlex ST in 500 mL format