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A New Warehouse Storage Building for Sofrigam

news-releasesSofrigam S.A
August 22nd 2012

Sofrigam have built a new 3,000m² warehouse for the storage of finished products and raw materials. The new building is located at their current site in the Artoiple industrial estate at Monchy-le-Preux in the north of France.

The new building will allow Sofrigam to develop its just-in-time delivery service to manage the ever increasing safety stocks for its customers.

In compliance with Sofrigam’s environmental policies, this warehouse is fitted with a wind turbine which will supply the equivalent of the office electricity consumption for 8 to 9 months, low consumption lighting and a tank for the collection of rainwater for the toilets. Resolutely green, the cladding of this new building was built exclusively using wood, and the building was equipped with high performance insulation, the same that we use in our packing: polyurethane.

About Sofrigam
Sofrigam designs and qualifies industrial insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions enabling the transport of heat sensitive products (chilled or frozen) in non-refrigerated vehicles. We offer our clients a range of standard and made-to-measure cooling packaging products as well as customised services designed to achieve a secure, cost-effective and ecological cold chain logistic which meets your requirements.

For more information or to discuss the new warehouse storage building for Sofrigam please contact us directly.

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