ZoBio to Attend 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2013

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ZoBio to Attend 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2013

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Supplier Press Release: ZoBio to Attend 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2013
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07 JUNE 2013

ZoBio to Attend 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2013

ZoBio, the market leader in biophysical techniques supporting drug discovery is delighted to announce it will be attending the 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit on June 10 -11th. ZoBio’s co-founder Gregg Siegal will deliver a presentation on: “Spinning fragments into lead molecules: A new impulse in fragment based drug discovery”.

The event organised by Oxford Global Conferences will be held in Geneva, Switzerland at the Hotel Intercontinental Geneva. The summit will see over 250 delegates who represent global biotech companies, pharmaceutical organisations and leading academic institutions. The summit will cover over 50 presentations focused on current key topics related to drug discovery. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to attend pre-scheduled one-one meetings as well as informal networking opportunities.

About ZoBio BV
Starting with its core TINS fragment screening technology, ZoBio provides an array of biophysical services to support fragment-based drug discovery. These services form an integrated pipeline that includes fragment hit discovery, validation/characterisation by orthogonal methods such as SPR, and NMR-based structural biology services. ZoBio has used its cutting edge capabilities to discover fragment inhibitors for variety of targets including kinases, protein-protein interaction, anti-virals, DUBs, proteases, HKMTs and membrane proteins such as GPCRs and ligand gated ion channels.

About 14th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2013
The 14th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, taking place on 10 & 11 June in Geneva, Switzerland. The summit is made up of two co-located events: Innovation Driven Discovery and Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design.

The drug discovery industry faces a decade of monumental change – stem cell research, generic threat, big data challenges, PHC strategies and the growing focus on biologics all threaten to change the face of the global market. This long-established summit will explore the critical opportunities in drug discovery today, while updating key decision makers on the latest technological breakthroughs.

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