NMR – Biophysical Techniques in Drug Discovery

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July 5th 2012

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a fundamental biophysical technique used in our drug discovery and drug design programs. ZoBio has extensive experience in the elucidation of 3D structures of target-ligand complexes using NMR.

NMR - Biophysical Techniques in Drug Discovery

Commencing with simple but efficient ligand based methods when protein observed methods are not applicable. If a protein can be isotope labelled and is of a moderate size (< 40 kDa) then the full range of NMR tools are available including binding site mapping, resonance assignment and structure elucidation via NOE. For many proteins a structure may already be available. In such cases an alternative approach is available that is both efficient and accurate.

The image displays only the CH3 groups of I, L & V residues (depicted as balls) are isotope labelled. The red and blue methyl groups are sufficiently close (~8 Å) to 1H’s of the ligand to give rise to NOEs (schematically shown on the left). The intermolecular NOEs can be used to calculate the structure of the complex even when the target is 100 kDa or more.

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