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XenTech Founder to Present ‘Personalized Medicine’ Revolution in Fighting Cancer

October 9th 2013

Evry, France: – President of biotech contract research organization XenTech, Dr. Jean-Gabriel Judde, will tell a scientific meeting in Paris how the use of genetic biomarkers has enabled a revolutionary ‘personalized medicine’ approach to fighting cancer.

Dr. Judde is also Chief Scientific Officer of XenTech, which has become a world-recognized expert in the preclinical evaluation of cancer drug efficacy and the identification of omics-based molecular biomarkers and therapeutic targets. He will be a keynote speaker at the monthly session of the Transversal Health Symposium (Symposium Transversales Santé) in Paris on October 14.

PDX Personalization
In his address ‘Tumor xenografts and molecular pharmacology in oncology’, Dr. Judde will explain how the use of patient-derived tumor xenograft (PDX) models has enabled the discovery of cancer biomarkers that in turn open up new therapeutic approaches that are individually tailored to the patient’s unique genetic profile. Dr. Judde will also address the challenges and opportunities presented by PDX in optimizing targeted cancer therapies to face cancer molecular diversity.

His Paris-based laboratory has amassed one of the world’s most closely characterized collections of PDX panels. These have provided much deeper understanding of tumor growth, initially in breast cancers but more recently in other indication areas such as lung, renal, melanoma and gynecological tumors.

Discovery Tools
“Xentech has acquired unique expertise in using these translational PDX models to identify cancer biomarkers for personalized medicine,” said Dr. Judde before the meeting.

“I hope to show the symposium how these patient-derived tumor xenograft platforms provide outstanding tools for cancer biomarker discovery,” he explained.

“Genetic profiling and assembly of PDX panels has enabled Xentech to provide our partners and sponsors with constant and valuable support in drug discovery. This ranges from initial choice of the most relevant tumor models for preclinical evaluation to biomarker discovery allowing patient stratification,” said Dr. Judde.

About XenTech
XenTech is an innovative biotech/CRO company specializing in the preclinical evaluation of cancer drug efficacy and the identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets. It offers a unique collection of patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDX). PDX closely match biological features of patient tumors for each aspect of phenotypic characteristics including histology, gene expression, genomics and drug response.

XenTech has assembled one of the world’s most impressive collections of PDX models that are extensively characterized and associated to molecular data, including gene expression, copy number data and manually curated mutations. Its preclinical platform is of considerable value for translational research in oncology, notably for pharmacology and identification of drug response markers for personalized medicine. XenTech participates in the development of novel cancer therapies by offering its PDX-based services, tumor models and expertise in preclinical oncology to stakeholders in oncology research. XenTech also develops internal oncology biomarker programs to correlate drug response with molecular features of tumors.

XenTech is known worldwide for its renowned oncology translational platform, its unique panel of patient-derived breast cancer xenografts and its extremely experienced scientific team.

About Symposium Transversales Santé
The Transversal Health Symposium (STS) is a monthly forum in Paris, hosted by the marketing firm IDIS. The event was founded in 2006 as an innovative and unifying initiative aimed to inspire the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with new possibilities and to encourage greater cooperation between private and public sectors.

Widely supported by the French scientific and industrial community, the meetings examine a wide range of healthcare issues through the prism of interdisciplinary and technological convergence.

The STS also aims, through presentation of examples and case studies, to promote networking and the development of new partnerships between academic and industrial organizations.

Each meeting consists of more than two hours of presentations and discussions, including keynote addresses from eminent scientists, with events typically attended by up to 100 researchers, clinicians, managers and business development executives from the Biotechnology and Pharmacy sectors, along with sociologists, healthcare economists, financiers, analysts and consultants, and start-up entrepreneurs.

Sabrina Serpillon, Head of Business Development
Tel: +33 1 60 87 89 80

For more information about tumor xenografts and molecular pharmacology in oncology, please contact XenTech directly.

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