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    XenTech lifts curtain on anti-breast cancer collaboration with Tesaro and Myriad in San Antonio

    November 27th 2014

    Evry, France: – Preclinical contract research organization XenTech will use the forthcoming San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS 2014) to release details of an exciting new collaboration targeted at combating breast cancer.

    The French-based CRO is proud to participatein the poster sessions at SABCS along with American collaborators Tesaro and Myriad Genetics to reveal scope and targets of their joint program to identify biomarkers of PARP inhibitor sensitivity in breast cancer.

    Niraparib activity

    XenTech’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jean-Gabriel Judde, will lead the company’s team at the five-day event, opening on December 9. He will join the CRO’s Laboratory Head of R&D, Dr. Stefano Cairo as part of a combined ten-strong team from the three companies during Poster Session 5 (Detection and Diagnosis: Molecular, Functional, and Novel Imaging) on the evening of Day Four, Friday December 12. They will present Poster No. 858 (P5-06-04) on ‘The PARP inhibitor niraparib demonstrates activity in patient-derived triple-negative breast cancer xenograft models with high homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) score’.

    “What this poster demonstrates is that the PARP inhibitor niraparib demonstrates activity in patient-derived triple-negative breast cancer xenograft models with high homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) score,” explained Dr. Cairo.

    Tesaro, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, and Myriad Genetics, of Salt Lake City, Utah, are also exhibitors at the symposium.

    PDX models

    Dr. Judde said XenTech’s presence in San Antonio presented the organization with a great opportunity to raise its international profile.

    “SABCS 2014 provides us with a great platform from which to reach new customers and establish long-term collaborations with stakeholders in oncology research and breast cancer therapies,” said Dr. Judde.

    “San Antonio is also the perfect place for us to increase our visibility, enhance our brand-equity and highlight our scientific expertise and know-how,” he added.

    “The experts who attend this event understand the value of our highly characterized collections of Patient-Derived tumor Xenograft (PDX) models and our very deep knowledge of cancer models,” Dr. Judde reflected.

    “These models provide excellent platforms from which to identify new biomarkers for companion diagnostic development,” he said,

    About XenTech

    XenTech is a highly innovative French-based biotech laboratory and CRO specializing in the preclinical evaluation of cancer drug efficacy and the identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets. It offers a unique collection of patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDX), which closely match biological features of patient tumors for each aspect of phenotypic characteristics including histology, gene expression, and genomics and drug response.

    XenTech is known worldwide for its renowned oncology translational platform and its unique panel of patient-derived breast cancer xenografts and its extremely experienced scientific team.

    Xentech shares its strong scientific expertise in the field of oncology, anti-cancer drug efficacy assessment and biomarker discovery to foster the drug development programs of its sponsors and reduce the rate of attrition in R&D.

    Since its foundation in April 2006, XenTech has assembled one of the world’s most impressive collections of PDX models that are extensively characterized by and associated with molecular data, including gene expression, copy number data, and manually curated mutations. Its preclinical platform is highly valuable in translational research in oncology, notably for pharmacology and identification of drug response markers for personalized medicine.

    XenTech participates in the development of novel cancer therapies by offering its PDX-based services, tumor models and expertise in preclinical oncology to stakeholders in oncology research. XenTech also develops internal oncology biomarker programs to correlate drug response with molecular features of tumors.

    About SABCS 2014

    The 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium will take place December 9-13 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

    The annual event is now in its 37th year and has become recognized as a leading international scientific symposium for knowledge sharing among researchers and clinicians in breast cancer. The number of registered delegates has increased from 526 in 1990 to 7,625 representing 107 countries last year. Exhibitor numbers have increased from 15 to 65 and the number of papers posted has risen from just over 200 to almost 1,300.

    The event is hosted by the Cancer Therapy & Research Center at UT Health Science Center, San Antonio in co-operation with the American Association for Cancer Research, and Baylor College of Medicine. The three organizations share a mission to advance progress against breast cancer.

    The program largely follows its original format in presenting essential up-to-the minute information combined with immersive discussions for basic, translational and clinical cancer research professionals.

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