WE Pharma Ltd – Expands Its Comparator Drug Products Into Emerging Markets

news-releasesWE Pharma Ltd
March 11th 2011

WE Pharma have moved to new premises at Evans House, Pinner, UK and are now partnered with HM Biotech Mumbai India for its supply of comparator drug products. WE Pharma focuses on sourcing comparator drug products for clinical trials. Expanding into emerging markets is central to WE Pharma’s strategy for growth and a base in India is a major step forward for its sourcing of comparator drug products and clinical trial products. The partnership has opened doors to the huge generic companies that dominate the Indian Pharmaceutical market and enabled WE Pharma to supply much needed comparator drug products and pharmaceutical products from Europe and North America to Asia.

As well as expanding their customer base, this has given WE Pharma access to comparator drug products and pharmaceutical products from Asia as well as Europe and the US, thus creating a truly global company able to move its comparator drug products quickly and efficiently across time zones, borders and currencies.

WE Pharma recognises that supplying comparator drug products and other pharmaceutical products quickly, efficiently and cost effectively is dependent on a solid, reliable and trusted network of suppliers. WE Pharma have therefore moved to consolidate their stronghold for comparator drug products in Europe and added suppliers from the US/Canada, China and SE Asia.