We design testing equipment that’s material to your success

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January 25th 2022

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

You take great care in producing and packaging your pharmaceutical products. When it comes time to test package integrity, choose a partner who takes the same care.

Bonfiglioli Engineering provides testing equipment designed to smoothly integrate into your production line and deliver reliable, efficient, durable solutions that ensure quality in your products. Each testing machine is built with our customers in mind, with careful attention to detail at every stage:

  • Material Choice that meets your needs of durability and ease of maintenance and satisfies all relevant regulations
  • Surface Treatments that protect your products as they move along your line
  • Specialty Components that deliver strength, flexibility, and careful handling

Bonfiglioli Engineering understands that while every pharmaceutical production line is unique, they all require thoughtful design and careful construction to provide years of reliable quality assurance.

Find out more about how can we engineer quality for you.

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Bonfiglioli Engineering, your trusted partner in packaging inspection.


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We design testing equipment that’s material to your success