Bonfiglioli Engineering launches the Laser-Pro Headspace Gas Analyzer at Interpack 2023

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April 21st 2023

Bonfiglioli Engineering’s Laser-Pro headspace gas analyzer is a high-performance, flexible, sensitive, easy-to-use laboratory machine designed to measure the concentration of specific gasses on the headspace of pharmaceutical containers.

Bonfiglioli Engineering, a leading global provider of inspection solutions, announces the launch of its latest product – the Laser-Pro headspace gas analyzer. The Laser-Pro is a state-of-the-art headspace gas analyzer, with long-lasting calibration stability and sample-housing unit that reduces outside influences to a minimum, which allows customers in the Pharmaceutical industry to improve the safety and quality of their products, while simultaneously monitoring the quality and stability of their production process.

The Laser-Pro uses next-generation Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy technology to provide fast and accurate measurements of the headspace gasses of pharmaceutical containers. It is specifically designed to help manufacturers meet the strict regulatory requirements for the quality control of pharmaceutical products, confirming the stability and sterility in filled and finished packaging.

The new laser in the Laser-Pro headspace gas analyzer provides a more stable measurement, which eliminates the need for frequent calibration. In addition, the Laser-Pro has an easy configuration feature that simplifies the setup process for testing parameters.

The easy configuration feature is made possible by the inclusion of pre-set testing parameters recipe inside the tooling. When the tooling is mounted on the machine, an automatic identification system checks if the selected testing parameters receipt matches with the tooling features. This system ensures that the correct testing parameters are used for each specific tooling configuration, removing the operator’s responsibility to set the testing parameters manually.

“Bonfiglioli Engineering is excited to introduce the Laser-Pro, which represents a significant technological advancement for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The product offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for headspace analysis and helps to streamline the quality control process for pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

With the Laser-Pro, pharmaceutical manufacturers can now have complete confidence in the quality of their products, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and customer satisfaction. The product’s flexible design also allows for customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

This new laser counts on higher accuracy, stability, and repeatability than most solutions currently available. Laser-Pro’s user-friendly interface and advanced HMI Software allow for easy data analysis and interpretation. Its lightweight, compact, and easy-to-operate design makes it an ideal solution for most pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The new Laser-Pro will be featured at Interpack 2023 in the Bonfiglioli Engineering booth, Hall 16 Booth A15, which takes place in Dusseldorf Germany, May 4 through 10.  For more information about Bonfiglioli Engineering visit

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Bonfiglioli Engineering – part of the international TASI Group – is a worldwide leader in quality control solutions for all packaging requirements in pharmaceuticals, metal can & aerosols, food & beverage, and chemical & personal care. The company’s headquarters are in Ferrara Italy, but its customers are spread around the globe and operate in a number of high-tech industries.


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Bonfiglioli Engineering launches the Laser-Pro Headspace Gas Analyzer at Interpack 2023