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    Watlow Series EHG® SL10 combined Temperature, Power and Safety Limit Controller

    September 8th 2023

    Watlow’s Series EHG SL10 integrated, multi-function controller provides a combined, robust, and scalable solution to the need for simultaneous regulation of heat, power switching and temperature safety limits in processes or systems.

    This compact but powerful instrument brings together a temperature process controller, high-low temperature alert, and power switching into one unitary package, making it a key component in systems designs.

    EHG® SL10 Design and Benefits

    The EHG SL10’s design and specifications meet international regulatory requirements for controller safety limits, in particular those defined by the UL® 1998, SEMI-S2, and CE 60730 standards. This CE compliance and UL recognition serve to reduce overall time and costs necessary for global agency testing and validation for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

    The scalable design allows easy swapping of the standard faceplate with its indicator lights with a slot-on communications display module. This option provides a three-character digital LED indicator with press buttons to toggle temperature and alert set points and other control parameters, along with RS-485 Modbus® RTU communications to enable other Human Machine Interface (HMI) features and easier network construction.

    The EHG SL10 controller is also designed for simple plug and play integration with Watlow heaters and thermocouples to simplify engineering and reduce component count for new equipment, while its inherent reliability and integrated safety limit functions offer unmatched value, further minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

    EHG® SL10 Features

    The SL10’s standard bracket mountable base module base module includes twin Type K Molex sockets; one to connect power/relay and the other for connection to heater/thermocouple.

    Process temperature output is via a 10 amp “No Arc” relay for additional safety, with a further 10-amp relay controlling safety limits within an overall process value range of -18oC to 400°C (0 to 752°F).

    High-low temperature alerts are governed by a 2-amp, 30Vı (AC/DC), Form A relay.

    The integral operating system incorporates an On-Off and proportional–integral–derivative (PID) temperature control algorithm, with minimum five-second cycle times.

    Twin RJ45 ports at the top of the slot-on communications module allow up to 32 SL10 controllers to be integrated as a network, as well as interface with a PC for overall control.


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    Click on SERIES EHG SL 10 Operation to download user manual.

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    Watlow Series EHG® SL10 combined Temperature, Power and Safety Limit Controller

    Standard EHG SL10 faceplate (left) with indicator lights can be field swapped with slot-on communications module (right) to provide LED display and press  buttons to toggle temperature set point and other control parameters. 

    Watlow Series EHG® SL10 combined Temperature, Power and Safety Limit Controller

    WATLOW Series EHG SL10 faceplate provides a compact, robust and scalable all-in-one solution for combined heat, power switching and process temperature limit control needs.

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