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    Watlow Polyimide Heaters for Life Sciences applications

    September 21st 2023

    Watlow provides exceptional electric thermal solutions that enable clinical diagnostic and medical device OEMs to engineer better products.

    The broad range of Watlow product offerings encompasses all the components required for an integrated thermal system for clinical equipment where uniform operating temperatures are required for effective performance. These include solvent-resistant Polyimide Heaters that offer strength, tear resistance, and stability in demanding environments.

    Polyimide properties and applications

    Solvent-resistant polyimide is a thin, lightweight organic polymer film that provides excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and dimensional stability. Polyimide heater elements are thin, flexible, and compact allowing them to conform to a very wide range of designs and form factors.

    These polyimide heater elements are also ideal for applications requiring low outgassing in a vacuum, or resistance to radiation, fungus, chemicals, and solvents, such as DNA analysis equipment and clinical diagnostic instrumentation.

    Other potential life sciences applications include any medical system that operates in a clean, sterile environment, laboratory instruments, optical equipment, and LCD displays.

    Polyimide heater specifications and benefits

    Polyimide heaters can function in operating environments as low as -319°F (-195°C) and can generate heater temperatures as high as 392°F (200°C).

    They offer watt densities up to 50 W/in2 (7.75 W/cm2) with limits dependent on operating temperatures, bonding method, and heat sink.

    All Watlow polyimide are certificated to Underwriter Laboratories (UL) UR® and C-UR® for US and combined US-Canadian safety recognition.

    Polyimide heaters offer a range of tangible user benefits including:

    • Excellent physical and electrical properties
    • Thermal stability over a wide temperature range
    • Transparent polyimide material allows easy internal element inspection
    • Resistance to radiation and fungus
    • Versatility across a wide range of applications.


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    Watlow Polyimide Heaters for Life Sciences applications

    Watlow polyimide heater elements are compact, rugged and easy to integrate into a wide variety of systems designs.

    Watlow Polyimide Heaters for Life Sciences applications

    Watlow polyimide heater incorporates heating element within a flexible chemical and solvent resistant film that can be fitted around components.

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