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    Watlow® launches new pan-European Prime Distributor Program

    June 5th 2024

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA: – World-leading advanced thermal management solutions provider Watlow® has announced the launch of a new Prime Distributor Program that will provide customers across Europe with improved support and easier access to the full line of products and solutions.

    The Prime Distributor Program will be offered through a network of well-qualified distributors that have each established a strong local presence and demonstrated track record in providing customers with first-rate support to Watlow’s standards. The program is essential to the company’s go-to-market strategy for indirect European customers.

    Emblem of excellence

    To qualify as a Watlow® Prime Distributor, each business is required to demonstrate capability for continuous investment and scaling the organization to meet Watlow’s strict requirements for service and support for both its Eurotherm and Watlow® product lines. Qualifying distributors will be entitled to display the new logo specially developed to brand the Prime Distributor program.

    Watlow® will have one Prime Distributor per country that will be the main distributor within Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the U.K., with other Prime Distributors to be added later as the business expands further across Europe. Each Prime will have primary responsibility for managing its own business as well as an extended network of Endorsed Distributors within their respective markets. Endorsed Distributors will assist Primes with other localized and unique needs as they arise.

    UK vanguard

    The UK will be the first market to benefit from the Prime program. Here, Watlow® has selected Electroserv as the Prime Distributor. The company, which currently offers the Eurotherm product line, will now distribute the entire range of Watlow® offerings, with its website now being updated accordingly.

    Over coming months, the company will be transferring a significant number of UK-based customers and distributors to Electroserv and will be working with relevant groups within Watlow® to communicate with customers to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any disruption to business.

    Steve France, Watlow’s indirect sales manager in Europe, commented: “The partnership of Watlow® and Electroserv is a great step forward for our indirect business across Europe, providing a better customer experience as well as access to more sales and support resources.”

    About Watlow®

    Watlow® is a global industrial technology company that uses its world-class engineering expertise, advanced thermal systems and manufacturing excellence to enrich everyday life.

    Many of the world’s leading companies leverage Watlow’s technologies in vital applications such as semiconductor processing, environmentally friendly energy solutions and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment, to name a few.

    Founded in 1922, Watlow’s culture is driven by its mission of “Enriching Lives Through Inspired Innovation,” enabling the company to deliver high-impact solutions that improve its customers’ competitive advantage.

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    Click on Watlow® Announces Launch of New Prime Distributor Program Across Europe to see original announcement.

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