Wastewater Management

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Wastewater Management

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16 MAY 2012

Wastewater Management

Envirochemie specialises in wastewater management. The CEO of EnviroChemie, Gottlieb Hupfer revealed that EnviroChemie had performed well in 2011. EnviroChemie was able to expand performance up to 75 million Euros by obtaining sufficient orders in all sectors of the company. The workforce, consisting of mainly water specialists and engineers, increased to 330 staff members. EnviroChemie is on course to achieve the required levels of profit.

EnviroChemie has also been boosted by news that the Russian market, which is a significant customer of EnviroChemie’s services, improved in 2011. Areas that have boosted business include compact systems and EnviModul which is new modular plant system.

Orders for water and wastewater treatment plants in regards to the glass, automotive and surface technology sectors has compensated for weaker sales in the solar cell sector. In order to tackle new challenges in modular and decentralised technologies, engineer capacities were enhanced.

As well as improving the EnviModul decentralised water and wastewater technology, EnviroChemie will also concentrate on enhancing services and enlarging the product portfolio for ecological and economically sensible water chemistry products.

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