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VIO Chemicals seeks EU research partners from the bio-based value chain

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April 5th 2018

Zurich, Switzerland: – Fast- growing pharma CDMO, VIO Chemicals, is looking for partners to access European funding for research in the area of biocatalytic process technologies for product formation and market uptake of bio-based products.

VIO Chemicals, a science and technology-driven SME, is seeking partners for joint participation in EU-funded research and innovation projects focused on biocatalytic process technologies with particular emphasis in developing high value specialty feed additives from bio-based materials using biocatalytic conversion, as well as high performance functional ingredients from alternative sources.

Partners may be large industries, small and medium-sized enterprises, regional clusters, universities, research and technology centres, European trade associations, and European Technology Platforms.

VIO Chemicals invites any interested stakeholders from the bio-based value chain to discuss potential collaboration in the fields of research, demonstration, deployment, market analysis and dissemination activities of project results.

Towards a sustainable bio-based value chain

“As a member of the Swiss European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem), VIO Chemicals is committed to contributing to the creation of a dynamic innovation and sustainable industrial ecosystem,” said VIO Chemicals CEO and Founder Dr. Dimitris Kalias. “By using efficient and scalable process technologies, we aim to enhance the quality and performance of existing bio-based material for high value market applications, increase production capacity and reduce the environmental impact of our operations”, he added.

Open to collaboration

Over recent years, VIO Chemicals has established long-term collaborations with some of the world’s leading institutions, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, to develop cost-efficient proprietary routes and techniques for the production of intermediates.

“Exchanging knowledge can stimulate better science and bring us closer to cutting-edge solutions. This is why VIO Chemicals maintains a culture of openness,” commented Dr. Kalias.

About VIO Chemicals

VIO Chemicals specializes in custom design and production of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The company offers a complete range of services, from process and product research and development to quality control and production in commercial quantities. Through its ISO 9001 & ISO 14001-certified R&D centre in Greece and three production units in China, one cGMP-standard, VIO Chemicals applies cutting-edge science and uses novel technologies to optimize product quality and maximize API capabilities. In addition, the company specializes in strategic sourcing of catalogue, custom-manufactured and proprietary products, offering complementary GMP/EHS auditing, consulting and regulatory services. Founded in Zurich in 2001, VIO Chemicals is the exclusive and trusted partner for customers and suppliers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. To learn more, visit:

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