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VIO Chemicals introduces plant ingredients as nutritional supplements

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February 15th 2018

Zurich, Switzerland: – Fast-growing pharma CDMO, VIO Chemicals, now lists 27 premium quality plant ingredients ready to use as nutritional supplements.

They include: Amygdalin, Apigenin, Berberine hydrochloride, Curcumin, Daidzein, Diosmetin, Diosmin, Ecdysterone, Evodiamine, Genistein, Hesperidin, Icariin, Indol-3-carbinol, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, Luteolin, Naringin, Paeoniflorin, Puerarin, Quercetin, Raspberry ketone, Rutin, Salicin, Shikimic acid, Synephrine, trans-Resveratrol, Troxerutin and Yohimbine hydrochloride.

Backed with a sustainable and secure supply with complete traceability, VIO Chemicals has carefully selected all ingredients to meet the demand of the nutraceutical industry for functional raw materials and provide customers with highly valuable substances to complement their daily diet for a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

All the new VIO Chemicals plant ingredients are listed on the recently re-engineered website.

Unique health benefits

Plant ingredients are an excellent source of nutrients and have exceptional health-boosting properties. Thanks to their bioactive components, they can be used as ingredients in nutritional supplements and functional food to help improve wellness, prevent hypertension and inflammation, increase memory and metabolism and reduce oxidative stress and carcinogenicity.

About VIO Chemicals

VIO Chemicals specializes in custom design and production of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The company offers a complete range of services, from process and product research and development to quality control and production in commercial quantities.

Through its ISO 9001 & ISO 14001-certified R&D centre in Greece and three production facilities in China, one cGMP-standard, VIO Chemicals applies cutting-edge science and uses novel technologies to optimize product quality and maximize API capabilities.

In addition, the company is specialized in strategic sourcing of catalogue, custom-manufactured and proprietary products, offering complementary GMP/EHS auditing, consulting and regulatory services.

Founded in Zurich in 2001, VIO Chemicals is the exclusive and trusted partner for customers and suppliers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. To learn more, visit

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