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Vaccines and Diagnostic Proteins | ARTES Biotechnology Signs Agreement with NL Biotechnologies

news-releasesARTES Biotechnology GmbH
August 31st 2011

ARTES Biotechnology, owner and experts in certain technologies for production of vaccines and diagnostic proteins in addition to specializing in protein production and process development from yeast expression systems, have initiated a strategic partnership with NL Biotechnologies.

The partnership agreement will allow both companies to share important information and technologies in relation to yeast expression, process and vaccine development. Marketing of efficient and cost effective vaccines and diagnostics proteins will be the immediate objective.

The initial product, a Hansenula polymorpha derived Hepatitis E vaccine, will be made available from the outset. Animal studies (mice and macaques) and proof-of-principle were performed producing excellent results and high immune answers.

Managing Director of NL Biotechnologies, Vitaly Granovskiy, commented on the transmission of Hepatises E, “The Hepatitis E transmission is a person-to-person one, normally triggered to the fecal-oral route. Infections occur because of consumption of contaminated water and ingestion of raw or uncooked food – therefore it is a disease most common in developing countries.”

“With the Hepatitis E process we have another reliable and cost-efficient VLP-based production process in our portfolio. Like for HepB and Avian flu, the manufacturing costs for this vaccine are low because of the effective technology behind it. In our mind, it should be an interesting process particular for developing countries.” noted Managing Director of ARTES, Dr. Michael Piontek.

ARTES Biotechnology and NL Biotechnologies are now in the process of finding suitable companies to out-license the process.

NL Biotechnologies LLC, is a biotechnology company based in the US that concentrates on recombinant viral hepatitises vaccine development. Marketing in Brazil and Mexico, of the first recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine production technology, developed by NL Biotechnologies, has proven successful. There have been more than 250 million doses delivered to the global market since 2002. In addition, the technology has also been transferred to South Korea and Russia. NL Biotechnologies have commenced a GMP pilot scale plant construction and a GLP R&D facility in Kazan, Russia. It is projected that both facilities will be commissioned in 2012. NL Biotechnologies have been working closely with Atlanta based CDC to develop novel Hepatitis B, C, and E vaccines.

ARTES is a biotechnology company based in Germany, which focuses on recombinant protein production and process development in microbial expression systems. ARTES offers vaccine development, analytical assay development, fermentation and downstream process development and production cell line characterization. ARTES offers its services worldwide through its 850m2 S1 facilities in Langenfeld near Duesseldorf. ARTES concentrates on R&D services for white and red biotechnology products in addition to the development of innovative vaccine and diagnostic proteins

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