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    ARTES and Basic Pharma near rHSA protein production

    news-releasesARTES Biotechnology GmbH
    May 22nd 2024

    Langenfeld, Germany : –ARTES Biotechnology GmbH (ARTES), a company specializing in microbial process development and technology transfer for the pharmaceutical industry, is about to achieve the result of its cooperation project with the Dutch company Basic Pharma, the commercial production of recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA).

    The two companies have announced that they are nearing completion of development of production-ready rHSA derived from Hansenula yeast, with the first batch of vials expected to be available during summer 2024, as the project approaches the final stages of development.

    Meeting research needs

    This news will be of particular interest to laboratories in academia and industry that require small quantities of high-quality recombinant proteins for their research endeavors.

    ARTES contributed its expertise in the development of recombinant cell lines and protein production processes from microbial expression systems to the project, while Basic Pharma contributed its advanced pharmaceutical product manufacturing capabilities.

    New offerings

    “The teams have been working successfully on the development of rHSA and the project is on track to completion,” said ARTES Business Development Director, Dr. Melanie Piontek.

    “This collaboration between two successful biotech companies co-marketing products needed in the life sciences has today established a new offering for researchers worldwide. We look forward to seeing this grow in the future,” she added.

    Dr. Michael Piontek, Managing Director of ARTES Biotechnology, explained: “The combination of development and manufacturing capabilities at both ARTES and our partner Basic Pharma enables the launch of human albumin today and several new peptides and proteins in the near future.”

    Significant milestone

    Dr. Ralph Bosmans, Manager of Biotechnology at Basic Pharma, applauded the project’s progress.

    “This collaboration has been instrumental in realizing our vision of offering reagents for research applications. Our joint efforts with ARTES have paved the way for the release of Human Serum Albumin, marking a significant milestone in our strategic collaboration,” said Dr. Bosmans.

    Basic Pharma Managing Director Bob Kool further emphasized: “The synergy between ARTES and Basic Pharma has been remarkable. We are excited about the potential impact of rHSA and are looking forward in this collaboration towards the development of pharmaceutical grade biologicals.”

    About ARTES Biotechnology

    ARTES Biotechnology GmbH is a German company specialized in the development of processes for the production of recombinant proteins from microbial expression systems. In particular, the company offers the development of optimized production cell lines and processes based on yeast (HansenulaPichiaSaccharomyces) and bacteria (E. coli). The expression platforms are complemented by a unique virus-like particle (VLP) technology for antigen presentation and vaccine development. For more than 20 years, ARTES has successfully partnered with human and animal health companies, enzyme manufacturers, and the cosmetics, diagnostics, and nutrition industries. The company operates worldwide from its 945 sqm facility in Langenfeld, Germany.

    About Basic Pharma

    Basic Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, production, licensing, and registration of pharmaceutical niche products. The company offers a range of services, including contract manufacturing, formulation development, regulatory support, and analytical services.

    Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Geleen, the Netherlands, Basic Pharma’s products are sold worldwide. In 2020, Basic Pharma expanded its portfolio by inaugurating a dedicated biotechnology department focusing on the production of biologicals. This department is suitably equipped for microbial fermentation and protein purification, thereby facilitating the progression and production of recombinant proteins.

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    ARTES Biotechnology is a globally working, well established and reliable technology provider for recombinant protein production.

    ARTES and Basic Pharma near rHSA protein production
    ARTES and Basic Pharma near rHSA protein production

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