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Vaccine Development

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26 APRIL 2012

Vaccine Development

A vaccine development collaboration deal has been agreed with ARTES Biotechnology and Crucell. The development collaboration for two vaccines is underway and ARTES will provide the production cell line and processes to Crucell.

Aim of the long-term research cooperation is a new-product development on the basis of ARTES’ virus like particle (VLP) and the well-established Hansenula polymorpha expression system fitting to Crucell’s vaccine. The WHO advocates the Hansenula system for hepatitis B vaccination campaigns and this is the preferred technology for affordable mass vaccination. Consequently this approach produces a very cost-effective method for mass production of safe and effective vaccine development.

ARTES Biotechnology contributes more than 20 years of business experience, a track record of products developed for and marketed by our clients as well as safe, reliable and highly competitive microbial production platforms.

Crucell is focused on the research & development, production and marketing of vaccines and antibodies against infectious disease worldwide.

For more information or to discuss vaccine development please contact us directly.

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