U.S.A Quality Leadership Program

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October 20th 2011

NSF-DBA offers Quality Leadership Programs and is among the leading institutions for educating and training the pharmaceuticals, dietary and supplement industries and technical and GMP/quality consultancy. Large multi-nationals through to small businesses favour NSF-DBA in regards to improving operations and access to new markets. NSF-DBA can enhance a business by developing and educating staff, improved regulatory and GMP compliance and application of quality management systems through its U.S based quality leadership programs.

The NSF-DBA has trained over 250 people across the United States and Canada. NSF-DBA has been teaching Quality Leadership Programs in North America since 2002. The Quality Leadership Program corresponds to study requirements in Europe and is adapted to the local regulatory environment and audience. The modules will provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge that are essential to become a Quality Leader whether that be in Manufacturing, R&D, Quality or an another support function. For more information on our U.S.A Quality Leadership Program visit our website or contact us directly.